Custom Mobile Learning Development Is a Go!

Designing Digitally


It only makes sense that as more and more consumers throw away their landlines and go wireless, there will be more and more applications developed for the handheld society of the 21st century. Shopping apps, direction & guidance apps, image capturing & manipulating apps... there are so many applications being developed for the expanding world of cellular technology that it’s almost mind-boggling. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, the number of applications for the iPhone alone has reached 700,000 as of September 2012 – an astonishing number of possible utilizations!

As a forward-thinking interactive development company, Designing Digitally, Inc. has been working on developing serious games, 3D training simulations, virtual worlds, and eLearning programs for some time now – always with our ear to the ‘beat of the street’ when it comes to new trends and possibilities powered by the Internet and computer technology. Mobile learning solutions are our latest foray, since handheld devices offer so much freedom of movement and access and we are very much into the power of eLearning for the new generation of workers, trainers, HR professionals and employees coming out of schools currently.

As Andrew Hughes, President of Designing Digitally, Inc. puts it succinctly, “the benefit of mobile learning applications is that we can build fidelity and presentation experiences that you could normally only see on the computer, straight for your phone. This opportunity opens huge possibilities for time savings, training efficiencies, best practice consistencies, as well as overall convenience never before experienced in technology-based training. It’s quite fantastic.”

From providing workmen and maintenance people with near-instantaneous mobile applications on how to perform new repairs and conduct procedures to educating in-field sales people on new processes or products, custom mobile learning applications from Designing Digitally, Inc. can revolutionize the way new hires and seasoned pros learn on-the-job. With cellular phone use as well as tablet and laptop computer use growing exponentially each year, it’s just common sense to invest in this burgeoning technologic innovation to help keep your company or business on the cutting edge of training and education for a well-developed workforce. Designing Digitally, Inc. can help.

Learn more about our mobile learning development service here. Then reach out and contact us to get started on your first mobile learning application for training and HR purposes. We’re waiting to hear from you.