Cybersecurity Training to Protect Your Workforce

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Cybersecurity Training to Protect Your Workforce

Cybersecurity is one of those concepts that everyone talks about, but many of us still may not be exactly sure what it's all about. With the rapid evolution of technology, cybersecurity threats have also started popping up more frequently, and they're more aggressive than ever. Hackers and data breaches will usually hit your business in the most vulnerable spots, and employees are an easy target. Unfortunately, most companies will have a blind spot when teaching employees how to protect themselves from these attacks.

You might need to hire a cybersecurity expert to ensure you cover all your information security loopholes. But, when it comes to the safety of your employees, a cybersecurity training course is essential. Although it might sound complex, efficient cybersecurity training is relatively easy to implement.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity practices apply to everything that entails the digital spectrum. You need a cybersecurity protocol in place to protect your business' network, systems, and whatever software programs you're using from cyberattacks. In general, digital attacks intend to enter, modify, or damage information that could shut down your systems, destroy your infrastructure, or leak money from your business.

In any case, a cybersecurity threat would most likely disrupt the normal functioning of your organization. In 2020, Nintendo, Easy Jet, Twitter, and other major online giants, were hit hard by data breaches. Most of these cyberattacks happened in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many businesses were forced to shift strategies to include the online scene.

Between 2009 and 2018, malware infections have risen from 12.4 million per year to 812,67 million. Both Android and macOS systems have seen an increase in cybersecurity attacks, mostly over third-party mobile apps. With internet technology professionals saying that most breaches come in through new employees, training on cybersecurity is necessary.

A strong employee cybersecurity training course is needed to avoid such attacks, regardless of your business’s industry. Proper training would teach employees about how to protect their data, sensitive information, and business accounts.

Tips for Efficient Cybersecurity Training

  1. Don't get too technical

A lot of companies shy away from training their employees about cybersecurity. This is because of the heavy terminology these types of courses can usually contain. If a topic is too dry, you risk losing the attention of your learners. To sidestep this pitfall, keep the language as simple as possible. Use industry-specific analogies and metaphors, as well as real-life examples to help employees understand complex concepts.

  1. Relate the training to the job

Employees need to feel that what they're learning will help them in their work. Granted, cybersecurity training is not something you can apply to your daily tasks. Still, finding creative ways of connecting the training to the job will go a long way towards engaging learners and keeping them interested in the subject matter.

  1. Make your course engaging

Interactivity is paramount in online training, especially when it comes to a course on cybersecurity for employees. Effectively using the concept of learning through play will ensure greater learner engagement, higher course completion rates, and an all-around better learning experience for your employees.

Gamification, serious games, virtual reality, and microlearning are powerful content delivery methods that keep learners committed to the training. Interactive features, quizzes, leaderboards, and badges are all fun elements you can include to help learners stay focused.

  1. Make it regular and make it micro

Efficient cybersecurity training starts with the first day on the job. Offering cybersecurity training during onboarding ensures new employees have at least the basics of what cybersecurity entails down. Then, use microlearning throughout the year to keep that information fresh in their minds.

Microlearning modules are bite-sized chunks of information that are easier for employee learners to digest. Provide these modules at regular intervals and combine them with gamification elements to keep things interesting.

  1. Offer refresher courses

Just as it's a good idea to provide cybersecurity microlearning for your employees, refresher courses should have the same beneficial effect. As the rules of digital security shift, you can add new information to your training programs to make sure everyone is up to date and on the same page.

You can also modify Initial training and refresher courses to cater to all types of learning styles. There are around seven different learning styles: visual, aural, verbal, kinesthetic, logical, social, and solitary. Mixing content delivery methods when creating cybersecurity training covers the diverse learning needs of your employees.

Make your course accessible online and from any platform to make it easy for employees to learn when they want, anytime, and from anywhere. Combine voice-over, subtitles, practical tests, animations, and simulations to create memorable and engaging training courses.

Cybersecurity Training from DDINC

Designing Digitally (DDINC) realizes cybersecurity is a growing concern for companies and employees as information could easily be compromised if you are not adequately prepared. 

To help, our team created the online learning experience, Cyber Security Training, a serious game that places employees straight into a real-world situation with the possibility of multiple cyber security attacks. Learners must complete several tasks during the course, such as checking emails and knowing what links are harmful or not, while on a time limit. At the conclusion, the employee learns if they fell victim to any cyber security attacks and how that impacted them and the company.


Cybersecurity threats are a serious issue in today's remote-work economy. Enable seasoned employees and newcomers alike to learn how to protect their sensitive data by providing consistent, clear, and concise training. 

If you need any assistance developing a solid training plan for your organization, Designing Digitally would be happy to help you. We build custom online learning solutions to help your workforce grow and overcome any business challenge. 

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your company, contact our team or select a meeting time using our Online Booking Calendar today.