Designing Digitally, Inc. Awarded Air Force Research Lab Contract

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Designing Digitally, Inc. is proud to announce that they will be continuing their partnership with the United States Air Force Research Lab in Dayton, Ohio. Designing Digitally, Inc. is providing virtual world technology support, infrastructure support, and virtual world instruction to the Tech^Edge Summer-at-the-Edge (SATE) program participants. The contract is a continued effort put forth by Designing Digitally, Inc. in 2011 that is now extended by the Air Force into 2012/2013. Andrew Hughes, the President of Designing Digitally, Inc. stated, “This is a great opportunity for the Air Force, Designing Digitally, Inc. but also the Universities in Ohio that are working alongside of us to provide innovative ways to educate and socialize with virtual worlds. We are grateful to have our contract renewed and look forward to working with ARFL for the next year. We will be exploring innovative ways to use Virtual Worlds and providing support for the Summer-at-the-Edge (SATE) which is a summer internship program for college students. Hopefully some of those innovations will be brought behind the walls of the base and can become military uses.”

The Tec^Edge center was created as a partnership between the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Wright Brothers Institute. It is meant to better facilitate educational and research partnerships between industry, government and academia. Dr. Rob Williams, research director for the Discovery Lab at Tec^Edge and the creator of the 1,000 student Virtual Discovery Lab concept, is responsible for running the Summer-at-the-Edge (SATE) program where students are able to work side-by-side with industry professionals both physically and virtually through OpenSim. The goal of the SATE program is to accelerate technology innovations important to Department of Defense and to grow future technology leaders.

"You will see our faces around the building as we are here to integrate our company with the effort put forth by the Summer-at-the-Edge (SATE) program. We are delighted to share what we do with students," said Nick Taylor from Designing Digitally, Inc. "Some of the students involved in the Discovery Lab at Tec^Edge may very well be responsible for the next innovative breakthrough.“

About Designing Digitally, Inc. Designing Digitally, Inc. is a full-service interactive design firm specializing in eLearning, 3D Training Simulations, and Virtual World Development.
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About Tec^Edge Tec^Edge is a partnership between the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and the Wright Brothers Institute. Located in Dayton, Ohio, the center facilitates research and educational partnerships between academia, government and industry. It seeks to create educational opportunities while stimulating the growth of technologies companies and the advance of technology.