Designing Digitally, Inc. Partners with Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) to Develop an Interactive 3D Simulation

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Designing Digitally, Inc. Partners with Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) to Develop an Interactive 3D Simulation on the Effects of Stress on the Body.

Using HTML5 and 3D, Designing Digitally, Inc. will craft a unique simulated experience which guides students through the body’s reactions to stress.

Designing Digitally, Inc., a full-service interactive design company, has partnered with Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) in Cuyahoga County to create an interactive 3D simulation utilizing HTML5 that will allow learners to see how stress affects the body. This project will give students the opportunity to visualize and interact with the chain of reactions initiated by stress in various organs and organ systems throughout the body. Thanks to the capabilities of HTML5, the simulation is accessible to students working with iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. This makes the learning experience not only innovative and engaging but also convenient for users.

Danielle Budzick, Director of Innovative Learning Design & Quality at Cuyahoga Community College, spearheaded this effort in collaboration with the team at Designing Digitally, Inc. Regarding the project, Danielle stated, “This project began as an opportunity to partner with our faculty to create an engaging, innovative learning object to support student success in one of our highest enrollment courses – Anatomy and Physiology.”

The simulation will be piloted by the subject matter experts and faculty participating in the project to understand the impact on a subset of Tri-C students. Cheryl Knight, an Instructional Designer at Cuyahoga Community College and the Tri-C Project Manager shared, “We at Tri-C are looking forward to launching the simulation and seeing the positive impact it has on the students' learning experience."

Nick Taylor, Director of Development at Designing Digitally, Inc., remarked that they “...partnered to create this faculty-driven 3D simulation based on student feedback about topics in the course needing greater visual demonstration. The use of 3D gaming enables us to simulate multiple stress-related situations in real time and allows the learner the chance to experience the internal effects of stress on the body.”

About Designing Digitally, Inc.:
Designing Digitally, Inc. is a full-service interactive design firm and serious game developer. Located in Franklin, Ohio, Designing Digitally, Inc. has developed a number of serious games and simulations, virtual worlds, and eLearning solutions for companies around the country and the globe. Designing Digitally Inc.’s overall goal is to add value to the clients that they serve by creating engaging, educational, and entertaining learning solutions.

About Cuyahoga Community College:
Cuyahoga Community College provides high quality, affordable education and programs to more than 900,000 people. With four campuses and numerous other locations, Tri-C serves more than 55,000 credit and non-credit students annually in more than 1,000 credit courses in over 140 career and technical programs and liberal arts curricula. Tri-C partners with regional businesses to provide cutting-edge training and solutions to enhance workforce development in Northeast Ohio. Over 85 percent of Cuyahoga Community College graduates stay and work in Northeast Ohio.