Designing Digitally, Inc. Partners with New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority to Develop an Interactive eLearning Website

Designing Digitally


Designing Digitally, Inc. was recently awarded a contract to create an interactive website utilizing the award-winning Unity development platform for interactive 3D serious games, as well as Adobe Flash for 2D serious games.
New Hampshire Housing is one of only five organizations in the country that has been awarded funds from the U.S. Department of Treasury to develop a 3-year pilot program that provides Financial Education and Counseling (FEC) to low-income families that will prepare them to become potential homeowners.
The FEC pilot program will use education to empower low-income individuals to make better financial decisions that will allow them to build assets and repair their credit. Participants will learn essential skills such as tracking daily expenses and saving money, which are important for families and individuals that don’t have much income to work with.
New Hampshire Housing has selected Designing Digitally, Inc. to design, develop and deploy an eLearning website where clients may access educational materials and track their progress in a secure, convenient environment. Experienced credit counselors will also be available to answer participant questions and provide financial guidance through an online messaging center.
Once developed, the FEC Pilot Program will be available to other public or nonprofit organizations serving low-income families and individuals in the Granite State.