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In order to determine the best approach for your online learning, you must first know what options are available and understand the impact it can have on both your learners and your organization. Designing Digitally, Inc. wants to ensure your custom developed learning solution is exactly what your company is needing and meets all of your expectations, whether it be Gamified eLearning, Serious Games, Training Simulations, or Mobile Learning. In addition, we want to provide you relief during the process knowing your content is in good hands being handled by professionals who are passionate about developing innovative learning experiences.

To do this, we have compiled a list of some of our resources that share insight on items such as the industry’s best practices, statistical data, current and future trends. Through these, we also offer our own knowledge we have learned throughout the years.


To start increasing your online learning knowledge, view some of our latest webpage additions, white papers, and infographics to see how your training can be impacted by a custom solution from our team.

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Have questions about online learning and how Designing Digitally approaches each of our custom learning experiences? Check our FAQs Page to learn some of our most commonly seen questions, in addition to our answers.

Industry Definitions

Ever come across an online learning term you weren’t familiar with? Review our Industry Definitions Page to define some of the popular terminology used in the training world.

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Our Recent White Papers

Elearning in Corporate Training Report: Top Benefits, Trends, & Predictions

Whether you’re experienced with using eLearning in corporate training or just beginning your journey of discovery, this Designing Digitally report will help you better understand the basics of eLearning and why it’s becoming such a critical lynchpin in many corporate training programs. Get your complimentary copy today.

Designing Digitally’s Approach to Online Training

As mentioned before, our team offers four main online training services. However, we offer a variety of enhancements, such as VR and AR, that are available to you as well. Get your copy of this white paper now to learn more about each of our four Core Competencies, and our enhancement options, to learn the different ways we have utilized them to improve employee training for large companies all over the world.

The Training Needs Analysis in Corporate Education

The purpose of a Training Needs Analysis is to pinpoint the reasons an organization needs training prior to creating the course, which is critical for effective learning solutions and outcomes. Download this complimentary resource now and find out more about this process and tips on how to conduct a Training Needs Analysis for your company.

Game-Based Learning is a Game Changer in Corporate Training

Did you know Research from the UC-Denver Business School found that learners who participated in game-based learning acquired higher skill-based knowledge, more factual knowledge, and greater retention than those who received training through alternative methods? It’s true! Learn more about these benefits, in addition to other ways this learning approach can impact your employee training, and download your white paper copy today.

For more insight on the different methods utilized for corporate training, view all of our white papers.

Our Recent Infographics

Common Corporate Training Challenges

Whether your company is well-established or just starting up, something you cannot afford is providing your employees with ineffective training programs. Download this free infographic to learn the most common challenges faced with corporate training and learn suggestions on how to solve them.

What You Should Know About Outsourcing Your Online Learning Needs

Finding the right online learning vendor for your company’s specific training needs can be challenging for anyone, especially if you don’t know what items to look for. Get your complimentary copy of this infographic for a vendor checklist and insight on how to determine the best partner for your company.

Gamification in Corporate Education

Gamification is not a new concept, however, many individuals are still unsure of exactly just what gamification is, and more so how they can be impacted by it. Download this free resource to learn more about this approach to training, the benefits, and how to incorporate it into your strategy.

The Facts of Online Training

Designing Digitally, Inc. understands that each company has unique training needs, which results in needing unique training solutions. Because of this, we offer a variety of options that will enhance corporate education. As a reminder, these include custom eLearning, Serious Games, Training Simulations, and Mobile Learning developments, or a combination of each. To learn more about each service and the specific benefits that can be gained with implementing each learning approach, download this infographic now.

For more data on the various solutions available for corporate training and the impact they can have on your company, check out all of our infographics.


We hope these resources are valuable tools for you and allow you to gain insight over the learning and development industry, as well as the Designing Digitally team and how we can help you. To learn more about the online learning solutions available to improve the training strategy at your company, contact our team today.