Determining the Best Online Corporate Training Method

Designing Digitally


In today’s world, there are dozens of ways for companies to leverage emerging technology to train their staff members. It’s not always a clear-cut choice between them, however, because there are a lot of strong learning models out there that can perform well in a number of different corporate environments. This article will examine each of those online learning models to help better explain how their technologies can be utilized.

The Fundamentals of eLearning

eLearning is generally thought of as a text-driven type of user experience, such as an online classroom that many high schools and colleges now use. In recent years, however, eLearning modules have incorporated many game-like elements to help the user become directly involved, plus it incorporates audio and video aspects to create an immersive feel. This type of learning can take place inside more of a traditional classroom setting or solely online (or a hybrid of both).

Large corporations usually prefer the eLearning model when they are teaching large amounts of information to various departments, educational experience and skill levels. The learning segments can be broken into small, specialized modules as well so new topics can created and distributed quickly for important updates and requirements.

The Fundamentals of Serious Games

A serious game, on the other hand, creates an actual gaming environment to educate the user. These learning platforms are much more interactive as well, and many of the lesson plans are objective based to test the user’s ability to perform certain tasks. Serious games can also be implemented in a number of different play styles, which allows for almost endless customizations to meet a specific need or feel. In fact, some companies have serious games developed for advertising purposes to give customers a more enjoyable experience. The Domino’s Tracker is an excellent example.

Since serious gaming can be used for a number of different purposes in corporate training, it is an excellent choice for virtually any industry. For instance, using a game to teach sales techniques where users must assemble the proper response to a prospect objection. If you are looking for a way for your employees to have fun while learning, it would be hard to find a more perfect solution than serious gaming.

The Fundamentals of 3-D Simulations

When it comes to 3D simulations, users are fully immersed into an environment where the game mechanics mimic real world situations. While there may be some gamification involved, the main focus is having users complete tasks as they would on the job. 3D simulations are especially helpful when dangerous situations or expensive equipment is involved.

There are a number of businesses that benefit from the use of 3D simulations due to the immersive nature of the training. Since they allow employees to complete tasks without facing the real-life consequence of failure, it is a popular choice with the military, healthcare, construction and hundreds of other fields.

For more information about online corporate training methods, please free to contact one of our specialists that will gladly walk you through the design and implementation phases. You can also view our eLearning Portfolio to get a better feel for each of our learning solutions and how they can be designed for your corporation.