Do Serious Games Work for Adult Learning and Training Results?

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Do Serious Games Work for Adult Learning and Training Results

The rise in gamification for learning has led to a significant question: what type of games work best for adult learning? While games, which are fun and entertaining, are more likely to capture the interest and attention of the target audience, serious games are equally as effective at delivering the desired training results. To convince you further, here’s a look at a few reasons why serious games work for adult learning:

  • First and foremost, serious games are more likely to stimulate the mind. The games are designed to enable learners to develop crucial skills, such as decision-making, which they can later apply in real life. As such, the situations presented in serious games test the cognitive capacity of the learners, requiring them to pay attention, which enhances their psychological functioning.
  • Playing serious games and succeeding at them can prove to be a real confidence booster for adult learners. As they progress, they learn about the skills they possess and then use them to make decisions which will help them achieve the results you expect of them. Moreover, you can select appropriate games which are in line with your requirements, thus ensuring the learners achieve the objectives you want them to achieve.
  • Scenarios provided in serious games allow adult learners to understand their application in real life. The realism of the game ensures that they retain the information they have gained and the skills they have developed, which benefits them in the real world when they have to deal with tough situations. Furthermore, they benefit from learning in a simulated environment, where they are free to be creative with their skills and decision making.
  • With serious games, you can keep an eye on the performance of the learners. This ensures you can track whether or not they are performing at a level you want them to. You can set objectives for the learners and then measure their progress while they are engaged in the game itself. This immediate feedback allows you to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the games in the learning process.
  • Serious games allow for constant interaction and collaboration between learners. This not only helps with engagement but ensures the learners develop teamwork skills, which will prove beneficial for your organization in the long run. Open communication is the key to solving problems and through serious gaming, you can enable your team to develop the necessary skills to be good communicators.
  • Last, but not the least, serious games enable a permanent change in the attitude and personality of the adult learners. The skills they gain stay with them for life, and enable them to perform better. Moreover, you can constantly help them update their skills through serious games, which will benefit your organization.

These are some of the significant ways in which serious games benefit adult learners. Not only do they make the learning process more engaging, they  allow for easier monitoring of results, making them an effective means of adult learning.