Domino's Pizza and Gamification

Designing Digitally


The corporate world is all about making profits for its stockholders– basically the bottom line for businesses today. Of course, the “trickle-down effect” also helps employees make money and hold steady jobs – a very good thing in today’s ambiguous economy, given its up and down fluctuations. For companies and corporations to succeed today, then, businesses either need to recruit new customers on a continual basis, develop loyalty with past customers to keep doing business with them, or achieve some combination of both of these strategies. With so many companies producing similar products, and little true differentiation amongst them, it often falls on the employees to somehow “hustle,” and keep customers satisfied, or reach-out to potential clients. The pace and pressure on employees can thus be intense, and burnout claims many workers every year.

Serious games can offer a helping hand to businesses large and small in a number of ways– either as a motivational tool that makes sales and customer interaction fun again for employees, or empowering players to develop an understanding of companies and their values. Below is an example of a business who has experienced success and growth via the innovative merging of marketing and motivation that is at the center of gamification and serious games for consumers and employees alike.

How They Did It

Domino’s Pizza put their money where their mouth is when it comes to customer satisfaction. They asked their biggest critics what they disliked about their brand, then changed their product and order/delivery process in response – a gutsy move, but one that showed they really want to please their clients. Domino’s found they needed to appeal to the core demographic of young people who were technologically savvy and wanted to engage with the company via wireless tech and the Internet for ordering and options. Locating near-by stores, tracking pizza delivery and electronic coupons are all features sought by the younger demographic. Also, Domino’s rolled out a billboard experience in the U.K. via an app, and apps for smart phones where you can play games or order a pizza. The apps will even select a pizza for you if you can’t decide what to order. All the above features are tech-driven results of their customer survey. The results?Domino's and Gamification

According to Forbes Magazine, the results have been impressive. “Domino’s digital platforms comprise 30% of sales in the U.S.; in April it reached the $1 billion milestone in online sales. Both mobile apps – for the iPhone and Android – are in the top 15 in lifestyle rankings with the iTunes store and on Google Play. The Android app generated more than 140,000 downloads in its first two weeks after being released.”

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