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eLearning Developer Skills

When a company has decided that eLearning is the solution, what skills does the team need to learn or search for in a partner to successfully build and manage the programs you will develop? Regardless of the niche, industry or learning environment, it’s important to have the right solutions provider in place to build your programs. If you don’t have the existing personnel in place, it’s time to train them - educate them - on the eLearning developer skills they need to build a successful program for your business or choose an experienced third-party vendor.

Although no two programs are ever alike, the eLearning developer skills your personnel or partner has or acquires can be applied to all programs they develop. For example, while one program might call for simulations, another might call for serious gaming. Although both programs could be different in nature, development of both will require a similar skill set.

Below are the six eLearning developer skills needed to build a successful program for your business.

1. Understand data and make decisions based on learnings.

Some of us love data, and others don’t; however, it’s very important to have an eLearning developer that understands data and can make key decisions based on learnings. For example, if results from the first module determine that optimizations need to be made based on employee success or failure rates, your employees or eLearning program partner will need to make decisions based on such results.

2. Communication is key.

Much like understanding data, it’s important that your eLearning developer communicates clearly and effectively. Communication during the building of eLearning programs is incredibly important to the overall success of your project. Without clear communication, the specific variables of your project could be at risk.

3. Being detail oriented is essential.

Like many programs and educational opportunities, being detail oriented is essential. There are many moving piece to the puzzle, so it’s important to be aware of where each one falls along with their interconnectivity.

Being detail oriented is especially important when building a training simulation program for your business. Simulation programs must be so real in nature and feel, that it is critical that your personnel or selected partner is aware of each unique detail as part of the process.

4. Dedication to the plan.

Being dedicated to the experience is something you need to look for in an eLearning development. A successful eLearning developer is someone who is dedicated to the process and the plan. This person is one who is dedicated to their profession, and truly feels that they are making a learning difference with each program they create.

5. Willingness to learn more.

The great thing about education, in this area of technology, is that training can be accomplished through programs and development online. With this in mind, it is important that your eLearning developer has a willingness to learn more. He, she or your selected partner should be constantly looking for eLearning technologies that can be used in your industry, vertical or with your unique programs.

6. Lead through example.

When building an eLearning program, it is important to have your external partner or internal personnel be responsible for facilitating the initial process. From the design brainstorm to the initial point in time when you convey ideas, you should look for someone who can lead by example. Their leadership will set the stage for the program to come.

When you have made the decision to begin the process of developing an eLearning program for your business, it is important to search for an eLearning developer or development partner that you can trust. Whether you are hiring a partner like Designing Digitally, or you would prefer to get started with your internal team before looking externally, make sure you are searching for these six skills that your eLearning developer should have. Doing so will make the process easier, from start to finish, and will help aid in building a program that you are proud of implementing.

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