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Technology has left its mark on almost every area of life. It only makes sense that the field of education would be a part of the technology takeover. There’s too much at stake to risk not jumping onboard.

While the goal of education, in general, should be to keep up with the changing times, sometimes the opposite is true. There is a prevailing perception that learning should be done the “old-fashioned” way and that technology should have no more than an inconsequential impact in a place of learning.

This notion could not be further from the truth. 


Why Corporations Should Welcome Games

When a new hire joins a company, they are usually expected to endure some type of corporate training or assimilation activity to acclimate them to their new position and workplace.

The business has a few choices. First, they can hand a manual to the new hire and tell them to read it, expecting they will learn the remaining job skills as they go. A second option is to make the new employee sit through a classroom type session where they are talked at through one-way communication, either by a real person, or worse, someone on a video.

Thankfully there’s a third option. The business can invest in well-designed elearning games for the purpose of training their employees. In this scenario, the new hire is engaged and entertained as they move through the game, learning the necessary content as they go. 

Which one sounds like the most effective option?

The choice of an elearning game offers a much more comprehensive learning experience than reading a manual or listening to someone lecture. Take a look at the differences between the more traditional approach and a game-based learning experience:

Engagement and entertainment.

While it isn’t absolutely necessary for a learner to be having fun in order to learn, it most certainly does improve the chances. An engaged learner is a successful learner. If they’re entertained in the process, that’s just icing on the cake.

Interaction with real-life scenarios.

Elearning games give the learner a chance to put themselves in real situations they may face in their workplace without risk. They can see the consequences of their choices and decide if they made the best one. When they encounter a similar situation in the course of their work, they will feel more prepared and can call on the knowledge they gained during their training. That kind of learning cannot come from watching a video or reading a manual.

Immediate feedback.

The nature of a game offers feedback almost instantaneously. This allows the learner to change their course of action, if necessary, or can reinforce their successful choices. 

Elearning Games Have a Place and Purpose

eLearning games are beneficial when used in the right context and for the right purpose. They can take the learner’s comprehension of the presented material up a notch and increase their chances of successfully representing their company as they go out and perform their jobs. For more information on how we can assist you in creating eLearning Games, contact us today!