Elearning Solutions: Effective Educational Tools

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Elearning Solutions Effective Educational Tools

As the world moves toward a greater integration of technology in almost every area of society, the educational system follows suit.

Contemporary learners are more and more used to a technology-based world. Even from a young age, they have learned how to operate multiple devices and know how to navigate in an online world.

While education, in general, is known to trend toward different philosophies that change over time, elearning solutions are here to stay.

Engaged and Educated

Some children are being lost from our educational systems because they are not invested and engaged in what they are learning. They drop out of school and don’t receive the education they desperately need.

Learning needs to be meaningful to the students. They deserve an educational environment that takes their interests into account and provides them the opportunity to make choices. The ability to take ownership of their education produces in the student a desire to succeed.

Elearning solutions like serious games and simulations are fulfilling those learning goals.

How Are Elearning Solutions the Answer?

  • The Fun Factor

    Serious games can add an element of fun that may be lacking from a more traditional classroom experience.

    The best scenario is one in which students don’t even realize they are learning because they are enjoying themselves so much.

  • Creating Connections

    Many classrooms are moving away from the thought that they are little worlds unto themselves. Today’s technology makes it easier than ever before to engage with other learners, either in or out of their own communities.

    Being able to collaborate with students in other locations increases a learner’s interest in the material and drives their desire to succeed.

  • Problem-Solving

    Elearning solutions for the classroom allow the students to develop better problem-solving skills.

    By putting themselves into simulated scenarios, students gain a more complete understanding of choices and consequences.

    There is also a benefit for the teachers, who can gauge their students’ problem-solving skills by assessing the data from their serious game activities.

  • Immediacy of Feedback

    Serious games allow users and instructors to promptly view data from a learning experience.

    This gives the student a chance to change course right away, if need be, as well as allowing the teacher to intervene immediately with instruction.

    A shorter time between an activity and an instructional response is much more effective for the learner.

Same Goals, New Methods

The goal of education has always been to help students grasp certain concepts and be able to use what they have learned.

That hasn’t changed, though the methods of imparting the information are in constant flux.

Educators are always seeking to find the best, most comprehensive ways to encourage students to retain the knowledge they are given.

Utilizing electronic games for learning isn’t a new concept. Games have been used for more than a decade. In the past, though, the focus was less on content and more on entertainment.

What has changed is the focus of the games. Elearning companies understand that digital learning games are even more effective when they are integrated into the specific curriculum.

Designing Digitally, Inc. provides digital learning games that align with curriculum to teach content and meet the objectives for learning.