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eLearning Stats

Regardless of whether you find yourself working in the corporate business world or in the education milieu, you’ve undoubtedly heard about “eLearning” – once called ‘distance learning’ or even ‘online education.’ And while distance learning and online education continue to play a part in the education of some high school and many collegiate learners who are removed from the physical location of an academic institution for one of many possible reasons, this is not the type of electronic learning we’re talking about at Designing Digitally, Inc.

Rather, the eLearning we refer to is custom programming and educational design intended to train employees in special skills and abilities specific to a certain company or organization. We’re finding that many, many businesses have need for specialized, computer-based training and education to initially get a new employee up to speed, or to refresh seasoned workers who may have returned to the job after a lengthy absence from the workforce. This type of eLearning is very powerful when used to introduce new machinery or processes or protocols into a work environment. Indeed, job-site trainers and human resource professionals welcome eLearning because of the many efficiencies and strengths this type of education brings to the table – objectivity, consistent messaging, success metrics, and the convenience of multiple platforms for providing that training – computers, smart phones, laptops and tablet formats being the most popular.

Just one of the perhaps-surprising statistics you’ll find in this article is the fact that large companies are the major purchasers of eLearning products and services. These companies make up roughly 30% of all eLearning buyers. One reason for this amount of consumption from big companies is the overall efficiency that eLearning brings to the table – HR pros can leverage a repeatable, dependable training program developed by professionals and know that it can be deployed on multiple platforms to multiple individuals and deliver measurable results. Such tools are simply an efficient and convenient method for presenting new training materials to a wide audience with a successful outcome. Of course big companies are buying eLearning!

Below are five more fascinating and convincing facts and stats delivered for your reading pleasure on the efficacy and popularity of eLearning. May you decide to join the growing ranks of sophisticated eLearners and eEducators who do business with Designing Digitally, Inc. for the betterment of their employees and their businesses.

Are you one of those companies?

The online corporate market for eLearning is anticipated to grow by 13% every year up to 2017. Currently, up to 77% of U.S. companies offer online corporate e learning training to improve the professional development of their employees. Question: are you one of those companies?

Going Global

The global market for mobile learning products and services reached $5.3 billion as of 2012. Given the expected compound annual growth rate of 18.2% for the next five years, it is now estimated that the global mobile learning market by the end of 2015 will reach $8.7 billion - reaching $12.2 billion by 2017. It is important to note that in 2012, the top buyers of mobile learning products and services where the USA, Japan, South Korea, China, and India, while it is expected that by 2017 the top consumers of mobile educational products/services will be China, the USA, Indonesia, India, and also Brazil.

Delivery Methods

The training delivery methods used in the last complete year - 2015 - were as follows:

- 47% of training hours were delivered in instructor-led, classroom-only settings- increased by 3% as compared to the previous year
- 29.1% of training hours were provided with blended learning methods- increased by 0.8 as compared to the previous year
- 28.5% of all training hours were delivered via online or computer-based technologies as opposed to instructor-led courses - an increase of 2.6% as compared to the previous year
- 15% of training hours were delivered via virtual classrooms/webcast-only presentations - decreased by 1% as compared to the previous year
- 4.2% of training hours were presented via social learning – an increase of 0.9% as compared to the previous year
- 1.4% of training hours were delivered via mobile devices – a surprising decrease of 0.5 as compared to the previous year

The Future with a LMS

 44% of companies intend to purchase online learning tools and systems in the near future, while 41% of companies intend to purchase Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to help power the training and education of their employees. Question: Have you thought of your learning structure for employees, or are you leaving it all up to them?

The Market

The LMS (again, Learning Management Systems) market was worth $2.55 billion in total in 2013 with an estimated compound annual growth rate of approximately 25.2% expected. In other words, the LMS market is expected to be worth approximately $4 billion in 2015 and over $7 billion in 2018. The highest proportion of revenue contribution is expected to be generated on the North American continent. Question: why do you think North American businesses, with their firm commitment to modernization and profit margins, are expected to contribute so much to the LMS market? What do those businesses know that perhaps YOU don’t know?


We hope these interesting facts and stats from the world of eLearning* have given you some things to think over and ponder. Today is the day and NOW is the time to start thinking about the efficiency and quality standards you could be raising at your firm or organization through the ever-growing power of eLearning. At Designing Digitally, Inc., that’s what we think about and what we’re committed to expanding for all of our clients. Won’t you give us the opportunity to discuss a personalized eLearning strategy for your growing business?

Take a look at some of our examples of eLearning we have developed for our clients over the years. Then, reach out to Designing Digitally, Inc. and ask for a free, no-strings-attached quote for our interactive design services. We’ll answer your questions and even listen to your own ideas on eLearning for your business. We’re waiting to hear from you!