eLearning for Training the Millennial Generation

Designing Digitally


While we try really hard to avoid clichés stemming from pop culture in our blog content, we also owe it to our readers AND our customers to stay on top of developing trends that could affect our work in regards to the content and design aesthetics of the eLearning programs and software we produce.

Much of our work is based on the idea that each proceeding generation is getting more comfortable with technology and expects to interface with it for learning and training purposes. Much like books were the de rigueur technology for learning for centuries, the Internet, personal computers, and tablets and smartphones have become increasingly invaluable for learning. It’s therefore important for us to pay attention to what is being said culturally about these subjects so that we can be prepared for the future.

“Millennials,” sometimes referred to as Generation Y, are the next big thing happening in the workforce, and, coincidentally, are extremely comfortable with technology both for work and for recreation. Video games for hand-held devices, notepads and laptops in the classroom, expansive social media on the Internet, texting and calling 24/7 on cell phones…the millennial generation has grown up with these innovations and EXPECTS to utilize them in most aspects of their lives. This dovetails nicely with our stated mission of customer satisfaction with eLearning development – Millennials want to learn and get trained using serious games and mobile learning applications because they have grown up with such “toys” already!

An interesting online article we came across recently from Learning Solutions Magazine by Elisabeth Arellano discusses training strategies that can work for millennial employees, and their first two strategies mentioned are...you guessed it – Mobile Learning and Gamification. Music to our ears! Here we are developing these very training tools and the next generation of workers is already expecting to use them. It’s like we planned this or something.

While the verdict is still out as to whether most millennial workers will have the character strengths and weaknesses observed of some of their generation, the case has already been dismissed in regards to their comfort and agility when it comes to using technology – Millennials “get it” and want it. Since some estimates foresee as much as 80% of the workforce being comprised of Millennials within the next ten years or so, smart business leaders who want to tap into this fresh labor force should start planning right now on how to leverage eLearning development to their advantage for the future. Designing Digitally, Inc. is here to help you do just that.

Check-out this informative Wikipedia entry on Generation Y and Millennials – plenty of information to process and understand on their demographics and potentials. Thanks for reading.