The Employee and Corporation Benefits of Mobile Training

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The Employee and Corporation Benefits of Mobile Training

The GoLearn initiative of Merrill Lynch experimented with mobile training for its employees. The main aim was to determine how effective Mlearning was. Merrill Lynch deployed its compliance courses on mobile platforms in addition to traditional computers. In a follow-up survey, almost 99% of the respondents who accessed the course on a mobile device said that this mobile learning solution was the best way for them to learn. They agreed that custom mobile solutions were very convenient and saved a lot of their time. They finished the course 45% faster than those who used the traditional computer. Learners who used mobile devices to complete the compliance training could do it from several locations – 26% from home, 32% while traveling for business, and 24% while commuting, and 18% from other locations. The final verdict – Merrill saved 4,270 hours of productivity by offering learning on-the-go!

T+D magazine recorded mobile learning to be one of top six trends that will change the way workplaces learn (Ketter). GSMA and McKinsey estimated that by 2020, mobile learning will be a $70 billion global industry. These statistics make it clear that mobile corporate training should be featured in your training plan right away. It is a great way to save time and cost and yet deliver fantastic results. If you still need more convincing, here are some reasons for you to consider online mobile solutions for your corporate training needs.

#1: Offers convenience of learning

Traditional modes of learning require learners to travel to a specific location, like a classroom. Even online learning courses are generally dependent on desktops. Mlearning takes it a notch higher. Here, content is available anywhere and anytime. You can access it while traveling,  while on down time at home, or at a client’s location. If your employees are always traveling and do not have time to attend classroom sessions, then mobile learning is the best solution for you. There is no restriction of time and they can learn in phases or all at once, depending upon what works best for them. They can skip the content they feel they already know, and concentrate on topics that they want to focus on. Mobile devices have made learning very convenient for all kinds of learners. As a result, your learners become more invested in the learning.


#2: Provides improved outcome

Mobile learning solutions result in reduced training time, higher retention, and better productivity due to convenience. They can learn during their free time, so their work schedule is not hampered. They do not need to take time off from their daily tasks to attend training.which saves them a lot of time they can productively use elsewhere.

#3: Fights the forgetting curve

It is common knowledge that learners tend to forget almost 70% of what they have learned within the first 24 hours. Mlearning can change this trend! In a mobile learning solution, you usually deliver content in short bits such as case studies, videos,  or scenarios. Since they are short modules, the learners retain the information more easily. You need to deliver these nuggets in spaced intervals to reinforce the information. You can add quizzes to test their knowledge of the previous module before you release the next one. Also, they have access to the information on their mobile devices. If they forget something, they have instant access to the information at their fingertips.

#4: Provides performance support

Employees usually prefer learning approaches that will not interfere with their daily routine or interrupt their regular tasks. They like it when information is provided to them while they are working. This is where Mlearning scores high because it ticks all the above checklist. For example, just before they get into a hazardous area, you can ask your shop floor employees to go through a short module on wearing protective equipment and uniforms. If they do it just before going in, they will remember it better because it is relevant to them.

Give your learners the ability to access the training they need on their tablets and smartphones. By having the team here at Designing Digitally, Inc. develop your custom mobile learning solution, you can supply your employees with the freedom to access course content on their tablets and smartphones while on the go.

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