Enhance eLearning Experiences with Vibrant Color Palettes

Designing Digitally


Choosing the right type of color palette can drastically enhance a user’s eLearning experience in a number of different ways. The right color combinations can set the mood for a positive learning experience, and it also helps keep the reader focused and engaged. 

It is also important to consider who the actual audience is and how they will relate to the learning objectives.

Here are a few more ideas to keep in mind when creating a color palette in eLearning software:

Using your Brand’s Colors in eLearning

The most obvious choice for colors in eLearning software is usually found within the client’s existing logos and branding. Since these hues are already highly visible to the public through prior campaigns, using brand colors helps strengthen the messaging and the overall experience. It also makes the learning software more recognizable if it’s being shared on distribution websites, increasing its chances of being downloaded.

While it is usually a good idea to use corporate colors within eLearning software, there may be cases where the shades and tones simply do not work with the messaging being conveyed. In those cases, the colors can either be slightly altered to lighter/darker shades, or it may be necessary to use a completely different color palette to capture the recipient’s attention.

Choosing Colors Based on Your Audience

Then again, the choice of color in eLearning programs should also be heavily influenced by the audience that will use the software. For example, children respond better to bright, lively colors while learners within a work environment may respond better to more subtle tones. The content and how it will be used will also help define a solid color scheme to keep your learners focused.

There is actually a psychological effect that is created by certain color choices as well. A red, white and blue eLearning template naturally gives a patriotic feel while natural hues can create a seasonal or holiday feel. The strategy behind using colors as a psychological stimulus has long been accepted as a legitimate tool to motivate, relax or bring out other types of feelings within users.

Considering Industry Standards for Learning Software

Then again, some industries may be known for using certain color combinations…like the shades of green in military campaigns or the soft blues in healthcare. If your learning software will be focused on an industry that already has a pre-defined set of colors, then it may be a good idea to stick with that theme since it will feel familiar to your recipients. Since it also gives you some instant recognition and increased your trust levels as well, it is definitely worth considering in any campaign.

For more information about the use of colors in eLearning or to find out how to have the perfect learning platform designed for your business, please contact Designing Digitally, Inc. at your earliest convenience. We use all of these considerations and more when implementing an eLearning solution and our staff would love to share additional insights with you.