Enhance employee performance by keeping them engaged

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Enhance employee performance by keeping them engaged

Disengaged employees are a burden on the economy. The U.S. takes a hit of a whopping $350 billion per year due to poor productivity. Engaged employees lead to enhanced performance and results in higher profitability, increased customer ratings, and reduced turnover.

The debate is not about whether engaged employees are more productive. It is about how to get employees engaged so that they are more productive. There is no shortage of consultants and productized approaches to address this problem. But, the most effective solution is often the simplest one.

7 surefire ways to boost employee engagement with training

Try these simple tips now and see the results.

  • Practicing what you preach is a very effective employee engagement strategy. The leaders must demonstrate the characteristics everyone else is being asked to display.
  • Management transparency has a 94% correlation with employee engagement. Employees who are trusted with sensitive information have a deeper sense of investment in the organization.
  • Publicly recognizing the employees for their contributions is a great way to appreciate them and keep them engaged.
  • Managers showing their human side to the employees are cherished by all.
  • If organizations hire for cultural fit more than skills, the employees will have the right attitude and be engaged in their work. Skills can be taught, attitude needs to be ingrained.
  • Organizations that support social causes by involving employees and management in philanthropic projects experience and increase in engagement and productivity.
  • Making work fun is a great recipe for engaging the employees. Fun events where all employees participate as a team is refreshing.

How to calculate employee engagement ROI

Organizations are increasingly turning to engagement strategies such as gamification in order to improve the performance of their employees. Gartner Research estimates that gamification will be the most important operations improvement driver for 40% of companies.

Here are four ways to calculate potential ROI from utilizing gamification.

  • Employees spend about 24 hours each week communicating internally. Using collaboration technologies may enhance the productivity by 35%. With gamification, this figure can go up to 55%. The better the collaboration, the more sharing of best practices, which will result in higher customer satisfaction.
  • According to research from SHRM, absenteeism incurs cost in various areas like replacement expenses, adjusting workflows cost, and so on. Employees using gamification had a 24% higher attendance than the companies who don’t.
  • Learning and development are extremely important for any organization. Employers are willing to train their staff. But how do you keep them motivated during the training? Gamified learning is the key. Learners are engaged and as a result retain more knowledge, which in turn reflects on their productivity. Accenture had a 1,020% increase in computer-based training completions.
  • Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organization, according to research by The Corporate Leadership Council. It is possible to identify those who are most at risk of quitting by measuring employee engagement levels, gamification, and digital motivation solutions

Gamification can be a game changer and it makes sense for organizations to consider a gamification and digital motivation approach to enhancing employee engagement which leads to greater profitability.

Designing Digitally, Inc. has rich and varied industry experience and can help shape your gamification strategy. We can transform your regular learning into an engaging gamified journey for your learners within your budget.

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