Examples of Immersive Online Learning Solutions in Employee Training

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Examples of Immersive Online Learning Solutions in Employee Training

We often hear that immersive learning can go a long way in keeping your learners engaged. If we can engage them in an environment that replicates the real world, they are more likely to stay invested in the training. Virtual reality (VR) is one such technique. It is a three-dimensional representation of the physical world that is generated through a computer. Your learners can interact with the learning as if it is real. The immersive learning environment boosts learner engagement. It helps them learn better and recall the information when faced with a similar situation at work. It is best used for jobs that are hazardous in nature. Your employees can sharpen their skills through VR without having to fear real-life damages. 

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Examples of VR Training Solutions

Here are some examples of real-life VR solutions used i some major organizations and industries.


Walmart uses STRIVR technology to provide an immersive experience for its employees. The training helps employees to train for tasks like cleaning up spills in the aisle, dealing with the holiday crowd, and so on


KFC uses Oculus Rift sets to showcase how fried chicken is made. Gaming mechanics are used to boost engagement. For example, the employees need to play as a pair of virtual hands and master the five-step cooking process - inspecting, breading, rinsing, racking, and pressure-frying.

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Toyota uses Oculus Rift and VR to guide drivers to maneuver safely through text messages and traffic noises, and virtual passengers. They have installed the software and hardware on a stationary car and invite visitors to drive virtually with the help of the car’s pedal and wheel. The result of their driving is shown on the screen.


Siemens benefits from VR technology to a great extent. The outcomes of their major business decisions are simulated and lead to fewer casualties and higher efficiency.


NASA has been using VR for a long time to prepare astronauts for their missions. They make them feel as if they are actually present in the environment that they aim to explore. The temperature and surroundings are simulated to the extent possible. That way they are acclimatized to the rough environment even before the set out on their real missions. 


Developers in Canada are creating VR solutions to help surgeons practice for complex procedures. The doctors are immersed in a virtual environment and their hands are connected to the VR version of the patient. They are made to practice in the virtual environment. The doctors can experiment as much as they wish to without the fear of causing harm to life. 

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Energy Management

A global energy management specialist uses VR to train their employees to deal with fire risk in the lab. The training allows the learners to visit a virtual version of the laboratory and identify emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and so on. Throughout the training, learners are provided with information and guidance. They are made to practice several times until they become an expert at their job. 


Another automobile giant offers VR training to reduce risks related to factory hazards. A typical employee’s job role is replicated, and the learners need to go through the entire cycle virtually without any damage. 

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Immersive learning can be achieved at all budget levels. It boils down to the choice of the right tools and expertise. You need to choose the goal you wish to achieve and then work backward to the actions you want your learners to take. Decide how you want your employees to put the actions into practice. 

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