Find Financial Freedom Program Launches!

Designing Digitally


Designing Digitally, Inc. is excited to announce that they have completed and launched the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority’s new Find Financial Freedom program!

The Find Financial Freedom website boasts nearly 10 hours of interactive eLearning in a fun and rewarding game-like setting. Using a board game concept, students work through a mock scenario of paying off their debt and saving their money to purchase a 3D car and house at the end of the program. The ability to customize their home through a web-based 3D simulation, including upgrading their yard, adding a garage or pool plus more, enhances the user experience.

Throughout each lesson they can earn money by correctly answering preliminary questions, review questions, as well as bonus questions. The bonus questions at the end of each lesson can cause a gain or a loss depending on whether or not the question is answered correctly. If answered correctly, students receive a extra money for scenarios such as having a yard sale or inheriting money from their uncle. If answered incorrectly, money is deducted from their savings for an unexpected expense such as new tires or medical bills.

To help students succeed, the website also includes a number of tools, such as an expense tracker, discussion board, periodic savings calculators and more. Additionally, coaches, who are assigned to each student, help guide users throughout their learning experience through an internal messaging system. For the website administrators, reporting features within the site to detail student progression and learning capacity.

Designing Digitally, Inc. is proud to have helped New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority provide their target audience with the tools they need to be financially responsible and looks forward to a lasting partnership with NHHFA as they continue to expand on their online offerings.