Future Trends with Serious Games and Mobile Learning

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Here’s a Sneak Peak Into Serious Games’ Future and Mobile Learning

A “serious game” is a game intended for a purpose other than entertainment.

Many different industries such as education, health care, defense, and even politics, among others,  are utilizing serious games for training purposes.

A research study done by Ambient Insight says that simulation-based learning will be a $6.6 billion industry by 2017. With the explosion of mobile devices, it is only natural that serious games would make the crossover to this medium as well.

In today’s world, people are used to having information at their fingertips. If you are a business owner, why not make the most of this inclination toward technology?

The Pew Research Center statistics for 2015 showed that 68% of Americans own Smartphones and 45% have some type of tablet.

With smartphones, iPads, and tablets, the digital realm is expanding and smart developers are taking advantage of the technology boom. They are wisely creating simulation training apps that can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices.


M learning sales are skyrocketing in North America. Corporations are eager to invest in training simulations that are geared toward a mobile market. 

The reasons are varied. Mobile based learning games:

  • Provide a high return on investment.
  • Are relatively simple to develop.
  • Draw many different kinds of users.
  • Are pertinent to real life.

Serious Benefits of Serious (Mobile) Games

Serious games provide a type of cooperation in learning that traditional methods lack. While that may seem insignificant, it’s not. The ability to discuss and bounce ideas off of another learner is a huge boost to comprehension.

The convenience of mobile devices are an advantage over computers and other components that cannot be moved around easily.

Simulation-based learning apps for mobile devices are also a more inexpensive option for corporations. This is a benefit business owners are not likely to overlook.

The Pushback

The growth of mobile learning hasn’t been without opposition, specifically for Apple users.

Many developers have been frustrated and confused by the seemingly arbitrary guidelines. Certain serious games and apps have been approved and then pulled from the marketplace, or rejected without a plausible explanation.

While the guidelines seem clear, the enforcement has struck some developers as vague, leading to them releasing their apps on other, non-ios, platforms.

The Writing on the Wall

Technology continues to streamline and improve age-old practices, in life and in the world at large. Businesses need to follow suit to stay relevant in an ever-advancing marketplace.

Corporations are wisely following the trends that prove to be successful for the best, most comprehensive training programs for their employees. The bets are paying off in the form of workers who are better equipped than ever before to face the challenges of their jobs.

Serious game, simulation-based, mobile learning is the future and the future is here. Want to learn more about how serious games can benefit your company? Contact us!