Game-based Learning Tools for Corporate Training

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Game-based Learning Tools for Corporate Training

Game-based learning is changing the face of corporate training.

Where there once was a one-way exchange of information, there is now an interactive learning experience that has been enhanced by quality elearning design.

Corporations are recognizing that the more traditional ways of training employees aren’t nearly as effective as the methods that are being designed and marketed by elearning companies today.

There are many benefits to utilizing this kind of coaching for new staff members such as cooperative learning, immediate feedback, real-life simulations, and encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

However, the focus of this article is the various ways that game-based learning can be used in a corporate training setting.

Methods of Plugging Game-based Learning into Corporate Training

Well-structured activities make a big difference in the efficacy of any corporate training games program.

The experiences that employees are involved in during the training period should introduce and reinforce practical situations and scenarios that they will face in the course of performing their job duties.

Here are a few ideas for ways to integrate game-based activities into an employee education regimen:

  • Instruct employees to try out their elearning design skills by creating a game of their own.

    Provide participants with a subject and a clear objective, then allow them to use their problem-solving skills to turn the information into a game. They can even make a mock-up that can be tested by other learners. The process of turning ideas into a game is a very effective learning pursuit.
  • Design an elearning experience that requires learners to be successful in the game by locating the information themselves.Base the components of the game as close to the real-life responsibilities of the trainee as possible. For example, if the employee is being trained to be a part of the sales force, their objectives should be meeting a certain sales goal in the game. Negative customer feedback would have an adverse effect on the score of the game.

  • Employ the use of a simulation that allows learners to predict how they would react in certain situations.

    As the simulation progresses, the employees should assess their reactions to see whether their original perceptions were correct. This can be a very eye-opening activity when some of the learners come to the realization that they behaved far differently than they predicted they would.

    Not only is it a revelation for the individual, but it is also a chance for meaningful whole-group discussion.

The Elearning Design-Game-based Learning Connection

Digital learning is only as effective as the plan behind it. The activities that are utilized in the corporate training sessions are steered by the elearning design.
A solid design has the best chance at successfully preparing new additions to the workforce to do their jobs well. 

As times change and technology integrates itself deeper and deeper into the fabric of society, it is only natural that education, in general, would undergo major changes as well. Contact us to learn more about Game-Based Training!