Gamification is Becoming More Popular in Corporate Training and Courses

Designing Digitally


A very clear technological trend is becoming more and more prevalent in worker training courses in the corporate world: gamification. If you haven’t heard of gamification in corporate training yet, you soon will. It creates a unique, compelling training platform that incorporates aspects of video gaming, data analysis, social networking and even (in some cases) behavior analysis.

You might be surprised at how many different types of company training courses can benefit from incorporating gamification. When you think about it, company education sessions are a perfectly logical forum to introduce game-based training. Your typical corporate classroom setting is, frankly, quite boring for workers. It can be slow, uninteresting and too technical, which makes students less likely to become engaged in the training materials.

When you introduce gamification to the learning process, however, the training courses immediately become more interesting and engaging. Students are provided with instant reward for the progress they make, their senses are stimulated, and they are motivated by quick feedback. And if you think that game-based training is only being used by startups and smaller companies, think again. Large, established corporations like Nike, Cisco, Samsung and Microsoft have started utilizing gaming in order to more effectively train their employees, and they anticipate using gamification even more as time goes on. The list of companies that are now using gamification in order to make their worker education programs more engaging is becoming larger every day. Using game-based training solutions in your company lets your employees practice new skills and techniques in a virtual world, rather than with real customers.

By using a video game platform, they make you perfect a skill before advancing to the next with responsive feedback, is similar to how we learn in the real world. As technology advances, gamification will become more and more realistic and effective for training employees in the corporate workplace. If your company hasn’t considered using game-based learning for training workers, you should.