Gamification: How It Supports Compliance Online Training for Employees

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Some employees find compliance training so daunting they would rather sit in a traffic jam, wash a pile of dishes, or even get a root canal. Compliance training can be so dull, boring and tedious that the trainers and trainees alike want to avoid it like the plague. However, there is a way to turn this dull task into something interesting. Companies can gamify the compliance online training to make it more engaging for the trainer and trainees. Here are a few tips that can help turn compliance training into an exciting gaming experience:

Keeps Goals Realistic and Relative To the Content

The best way to increase performance and enhance the skill set of employees is to develop a strategy that allows the organization to stay on track meeting realistic goals that are achievable. Not only does goal setting have to be strategic, but it should also offer real value to the users. These goals and objectives need to be communicated to the employees ahead of time so they understand its purpose. This strategy will allow learners to stay focused on the key objectives and enjoy compliance online training.

Don’t Make the Storyline Too Complex

A complex storyline can be difficult to track and users constantly have to double back to understand the plot. . To make it easier for the learners to follow through with the training, it is important to keep it simple. This does not mean there is no room for creativity, but the training should not confuse learners. There should be enough creative utilized to get the learners hooked so they can explore the remaining subject matter themselves.

Feedback Should Be Prompt

Companies need to keep in mind that while games are meant to be fun and entertaining, the entire purpose is to educate learners so they can improve their performance. This is why immediate feedback is important so employees know exactly what they are doing wrong. Repetition allows them to hone their skills, which will in turn improve their productivity at work. To keep the trainees interested, incentive-based activities can be employed, such as awarding badges, points or maintaining a leader board. It will create an environment of competition and employees will be motivated to perform better. Praise and recognition are major motivating factors in the workplace. This will simultaneously help those who are struggling and are in need of further guidance.

Learn Employee Motivators

Determining if gamification for compliance training online will work occurs when organizations are aware of what motivates corporate learners. If employees do not value incentives like badges or points, it will make no difference in their productivity and other alternatives will need to be employed. Sometimes intrinsic rewards work better than extrinsic, or vice versa. It is critical to research why learners would want to learn and utilizing that information to create a motivating factor. At the end of the day, employees will go through the compliance training merely because it is mandatory. However, to make compliance training effective, learners need to be motivated to learn.

Make Training Relatable

Anytime employees relate to something, it automatically makes their experience more memorable. If employees are able to relate to the actual subject matter, they are more likely to absorb all of the information presented to them. For instance, examples of actual employees being part of a scenario where compliance training came in handy will help the learners connect to the story. The exact same concept can be applied to gamification. A story can be created that is easy to follow and relatable with characters that the employees enjoy. Adding the element of emotion would further help them connect and absorb the material.

Focus On Quality and Not Deadlines

Employees learn at different paces, so it is important to allow enough lead time when setting training deadlines to ensure slower learners have ample time to complete the training. Effective online compliance training should not be rushed. It’s true that time is money, but compliance is at a critical peak in today’s world and companies need to ensure that all employees are trained on its importance as well as its application in the workforce. This will reduce potential liability for the company. . Take a steady pace and allow the learners to freely absorb the material while keeping them excited with gamification strategy for online learning