Gamifying the News

Designing Digitally


From boardrooms to warehouse floors, and call centers to dispatch vehicles, businesses large and small are discovering the capabilities gamification and eLearning can bring. Whether a business seeks to motivate workers toward better customer service or create behavior change, gamification can aid in reaching those goals.

Check out what major media network, PBS, is saying about gamification.

From PBS’ Idea Lab – home of reporting on media innovations and start-ups – comes an interesting piece we discovered by writer Chris O’Brien on how to gamify the news for digital sources. Since many news sites are going towards a metered revenue system as a way of making money for their reporting it would be beneficial to keep users on their sites for an extended period of time.


As O’Brien explains it in his article entitled, How Can We ‘Gamify’ the News Experience?, “I’ve come to believe that over the next decade gamification will profoundly reshape the way we experience the web, to the same degree that social media and networks redefined the web last decade. To that end, I’ve been thinking in the broadest terms what that could and should mean for how we can reinvent digital news…Even if the term is new to you, the elements are probably not. Gamification suggests features like leaderboards, progress bars, rewards, badges, and virtual goods. Now that we live in a time where the majority of people play videogames of some kind, often many hours each week, it’s fair to say that these kind of features have become widely familiar...Think about how that could work at a news site that uses some kind of metered revenue model. Someone who is a free member gets to do 30 things: Read an article, post a comment, and contribute to a news task. When they run out of credits, they could ask their network for more credits. Or, they could buy some more.”

The idea of using gamification for customer engagement is certainly a concept worth pursuing for businesses using a metered model of content consumption.

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