Get Gamified! - Gamify your eLearning

Designing Digitally


Gamified may not be a word that you use in everyday conversation, but if you are planning on offering eLearning modules or game based training then it should be one that you learn. Gamifying is basically the process of enhancing online learning experiences by turning the presentation of material from a standard text or PowerPoint type of presentation into a more engaging, interactive immersive experience. This can be through the use of 2D or 3D simulations, serious games, alternative reality games and scenario based training.

Designing Digitally, Inc. specializes in gamification of eLearning modules. This is because our team of professionals features both experts in the field of eLearning development as well as game programmers and developers. Working together these two groups are able to design and develop highly effective learning experiences while optimizing the game aspect. We can also evaluate your technology requirements and learning objectives to create the perfect match. This is particularly effective in bringing learners into the game and providing the opportunity to actually see themselves learning, doing and mastering the skills that are being taught.

To get an idea of the importance of making the eLearning experience highly engaging consider the following scenario. You go into a training on a specific procedure that is important within a particular professional field and are presented with two options. You can take a standard class that has an instructor and a test or you can do an online game based training. You first choose the traditional option where you sit in a class and listen to a lecture. Of course you have some discussion and talk about some scenarios, but you never actually use the new procedure. After you listen to the instructor and take the test you walk out of the training with a generalized idea about what was discussed. The first time you have to use the procedure in the field is the first time you actually get to try out the skills you were presented with.

In the second option you get to play a highly engaging game. There are great video graphics and animation, sound effects and the opportunity to virtually try different options and scenarios to understand the concept. The serious game is set up as a 3-D scenario with a real online game feel. You practice the procedure online several times in the game, gaining experience in a virtual world. You interact with the game and with characters in the game, giving a true sense of having done the activity in a real world setting.

Which option do you think provides the e-learner with the skills, competency and understanding necessary to use the procedure in the real world? The gamified version of the eLearning program is going to be much more engaging, educational and entertaining for a learner of any age which in turn leads to great retention of the knowledge and learning objectives. In addition the virtual practice allows the learner to experience the benefits of the procedure or protocols, helping to ensure that they will use those skills the right way the first time they are actually required to do the activity in the real world.