Getting Employees Up To Speed On New Software

Designing Digitally


Implementing new software in any company is a recipe for disaster, no matter how many pre-implementation training sessions by very high quality speakers the staff may have attended. This is because it is never the same with just hearing about the software; watching online demonstrations on an overhead, or simply seeing a PowerPoint or flash type of presentation about the way the software functions. It takes hands on trial and error types of practice to really learn and develop a feel for the new system.

A much better way to allow employees to become comfortable with a new software well before it is installed and goes online is to provide a virtual system for them to learn on. Companies like Designing Digitally, Inc. that provide these types of software training are experts at looking at your software system and learning it inside out, then developing customized training for your company or business needs.

When a professional web based training company like Designing Digitally, Inc. gets involved it takes the pressure off your existing staff to have to deal with the daily business, learn a new software, create and implement training programs and also monitor employee competence with the system. Since Designing Digitally, Inc. can setup a sandbox program, one that allows you to work in the simulated system without being live and online, you never have to worry about mistakes.  That means no worry and anxiety about pushing a button that ends up taking down the system, wiping out records or otherwise causing general chaos.

Another important feature to consider is teaching your employees how to correct potential problems or handle scenarios outside of the ordinary. By working with a virtual training developer that has experience in developing eLearning technology the participants of the training can be challenged to think beyond just the basics. Scenarios, real examples and potential problems all become part of the eLearning or computer based training course, building confidence and competence before the system goes live.

Depending on the type of software system and training program you want to develop you can incorporate tests, feedback and tracking that is important in evaluating a group or individual's competence levels. This is done through the use of SCORM or the Sharable Content Object Reference Model which is a set of standards used in online trainings and eLearning design. By ensuring that the web based training uses SCORM you can be coordinate training modules and programs between different systems.

Finally the use of web based training for preparing employees for new software takes all the stress off the employees. They are free to make mistakes, try different options and find out why specific programs operate in their own way without any conflict with the day to day operation of the company. Customized animations and feedback in both text and audio formats give immediate feedback and information to the user of the program. This instantaneous feedback in a variety of different modes is perfect to include all types of learning and also to give both trainers and trainees a sense of how the group or individual is progressing through the eLearning environment.