How Can AR and VR Be Used in the Workplace?

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How Can AR and VR Be UsedintheWorkplace

Not too long ago, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) seemed like a dream to achieve. But, it does not look too difficult to pull off now. In fact, AR and VR are all set to revolutionize the workplace. The market for this technology is expected to reach $162 billion by 2020. The potential AR and VR design have for business is limitless. The sooner you embrace it for your workplace the richer benefits you can reap.

According to the statistics from the Dell Future Workforce Global study, the millennial workforce expects to upgrade to a smart office in the near future. They are not too happy with the current workspace that is not digitally connected. 52% of millennials believe AR and VR applications will enhance collaboration and productivity. Even though global businesses have diverse opinions about using this technology, market leaders across the sectors are seeing positive returns from these tools.

AR vs VR

AR and VR may be similar but not the same. Virtual means something that does not exist in reality. Augment, on the other hand, means to enhance something that is already there. In a virtual reality scenario, the users can strap in a headset and get transported to a completely different world. But in case of AR, they see the physical world around them augmented with virtual media.


How AR and VR will transform the workplace

The benefits AR and VR can bring to corporate training is endless. It provides a safe and controlled environment for the learners, especially in niche sectors. Imagine a young surgeon learning a difficult surgical procedure. You cannot allow them to practice on humans! And, dummies do not provide the real experience. But, with AR you can provide a real-life environment for him to learn. He can explore different options and make mistakes without the fear of being prosecuted.

Another example of how AR and VR are transforming the workplace is via smart glasses. Most smart glasses connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be able to access maximum digital information. Users can control the applications with the help of hand and head movements and voice commands. Then comes VR headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR. Employees can use these headsets for visually brainstorming or conducting meetings even if they are not in the same room.

What are the benefits of using AR and VR?

There are several benefits of using VR and AR in the workplace. Here are just a few of them.

It saves money. Using AR and VR may need a good investment initially. But if you consider the money you save in travel, accommodation, venue, and equipment for classroom training, you are better off. You create the simulated training once and can reuse it as many time you want to. Your employees can access them anytime they want irrespective of the venue and time zone.

It speeds up training. If you are able to train your employees faster than your competitors, then you have a head start. Your workforce will be more efficient and productive than that of your competitors.

It enhances productivity. Your employees will love if you offer them new ways to learn. the audio-visual experience offered with AR and VR keeps the learners hooked. The more engaged they are to the course, the better they learn and recall. They apply their new skills at work and that leads to higher productivity.

It connects distant workers. In this age of telecommuting, AR and VR go a long way to connect remote workers. A remote team member can see exactly what the other member sees and guide them to complete tasks.

It helps with difficult tasks. AR comes to the rescue when you have to ensure that the job is done precisely to the instructions. You can use smart glasses to guide the team member through every step. That way the chance of an error is reduced by a considerable amount.

It helps in accessing real-time data. AR and VR effectively stream real-time data. It allows managers to communicate and derive at the improved decision.

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