How Can Gamification Boost Sales Training For An Organization?

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One of the biggest problems faced by the sales business unit in an extremely competitive market is the loss of motivation among the sellers. The changing technology ecosystem and a fast-paced business environment have rendered most traditional sales training programs inefficient over the past few years. Gamification is a great way for organizations to effectively tackle this situation.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways how gamification boosts the effectiveness of sales training programs.

#1: Allows learning in a safe environment

Gamification of sales training helps create an environment that is quite close to the real-world scenario, sans the risks. Any wrong decision will not have a serious implication on the company’s performance. A wrong decision in real life can lead to financial losses for the organization. And, that would not bode well for the sales employee. The safety offered by the gamified training environment allows sellers to explore multiple courses of action and even perfect their sales pitch before they communicate with a real client. They have a sandbox to hone their skills without any fear and boost their productivity.

#2: Provides constant feedback

Gamified training solutions provide constant, real-time feedback to the learners. Your sales employees will receive immediate feedback on whether their chosen course of action was right or wrong. The idea is to motivate the learners when they make a right move and correct them when they make a wrong choice. These lessons learned in a gamified training scenario help the sales force to better deal with the clients.

#3: Rewards performance at every step

The core principle of gamification in corporate training is based on the game theory of rewards and recognition for successful participants. This reward structure encourages the sales people to go the extra mile and make a sincere effort to improve their performance. Leaderboards are an excellent way to encourage learners to participate and aim for perfection. The rewards may not be in the form of cash and perks. Management appreciating and recognizing their efforts also boosts morale.

#4: Takes charge of the learning process

It is possible that all sales personnel do not have the same understanding of the products and services. Gamification of sales training allows the organization to bridge this by offering customized learning paths specific to individual problems. That way, each learner can choose the bundle that is relevant to them. This puts the learner in the driver’s seat where he can take charge of his learning needs. This sense of freedom is a great motivator.

#5: Makes it fun

Sales is a tough job. But, sales training need not be the same. Gamification of sales training infuses the fun element into learning. It relaxes the learner and keeps them engaged. If they learn difficult concepts in a fun environment, they will be able to retain it better. And, this is sure to reflect in their performance.  

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