How Can Training Simulations Help You Find the Perfect Employees For Your Company?

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Simulation for training Employee Safety

One of the common practice in varies industries has been use of simulation for training. From airline pilots to customer service representatives, interactive training has revolutionized the way employees are prepared to do their work.

What hasn’t been around for very long is the idea of using simulations to help with the hiring process. It’s not unheard of for a company to hire a person whose resume is great and who presents themselves well in an interview, only to have them leave after being on the job a short time because they weren’t a good fit after all. These are the types of situations that hiring simulations are trying to prevent, as well as to help employers find those prospective employees who will work out well.

How hiring simulations help

Let’s take a look at how hiring simulations can provide a better process for  finding just the right employee:

  • They a more authentic result than interviews. A company can obtain a more reliable picture of how a candidate will perform before they’re actually hired. An organization can set up job-specific scenarios to observe how the potential employee will respond. For example, if the position that’s open is for a customer service rep, the candidate can be provided a situation, in which they have to deal with an irate customer. It’s valuable to be able to see how the prospective hire performs under stressful circumstances.
  • They cut down on bias. The ability to observe a candidate in various job-specific simulations makes it less likely that bias will play a part in the ultimate decision to hire or not hire them. The results of simulations can help an organization make a choice about one person over another based on certain indicators and not anything more arbitrary. This can also protect the company against future allegations of bias.  
  • They can help the applicant’s decision. Sometimes the fact is overlooked that an applicant is interviewing the company in a way, as well. They’re also trying to determine if the organization will be a good fit for them. Simulations will give the candidate a chance to see what a typical day on the job is like. It’s possible that they may decide the company isn’t what they’re looking for and withdraw their name from consideration.
  • They can give an indication of a prospective hire’s organizational skills. A company can determine a candidate’s multi-tasking skills, technical skills, and garner an idea of how they perform under pressure. It’s also possible to see how the candidate makes important decisions and if they can record information correctly. Skills like these would be impossible to judge from an interview, but they are the factors that really matter when making a hiring decision.

The unique opportunity to see a potential employee in simulated scenarios can be a great benefit to companies. The number of hires that end up not working out will be greatly reduced, saving time and money for all parties.

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