How to Choose the Best eLearning Vendor for Your Organization

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Outsourcing your e-learning requirements to the right vendor helps your organization deliver world-class training to your employees. If you want effective e-learning that will enhance your employees’ performance, then you should choose an e-learning partner carefully.

A good e-learning vendor should make the outsourcing effort seamless and collaborative. It should add value to the employees that will ultimately be reflected in the bottom line. Here are a few pointers that will help you choose the right e-learning partner.

Custom eLearning developer

Custom content has several advantages. If your requirement involves educating employees on topics that are specific to your business, then off-the-shelf content will not work. You need to choose a vendor that specializes in creating customized solutions based on your specific requirements. Customized learning is more relevant and will provide a far richer experience as compared to templatized learning. It may seem cost-intensive initially, but in the long-run, the benefits far outweigh the cost involved.

Substantial experience

It is always better to opt for a partner that has substantial experience in the relevant field. Experience does not always refer to the number of years. Instead, it means the kind of exposure the vendor has in developing e-learning based on adult learning principles. Ask to see previous work and client recommendations. It is an extra benefit if the vendor has experience creating training for your line of business.

Access to tools

You may want to ask if the vendor has access to licensed software, image libraries, and learning tools. Most e-learning companies should have licensed software and authoring tools, although it never hurts to confirm. Choose a company that is technologically advanced and up to date with the latest trends in e-learning.

Robust procedures

The vendor must have streamlined production processes. A robust project management process in place ensures that there is no slippage in the deadline. Apart from project management, quality control is also important. Here are the things to look for:

  • How will the assets be shared? Does the vendor have a cloud-based platform?
  • What is the team structure? Is there a graphic artist, an instructional designer, a developer, or is a single individual serving multiple roles?
  • Is there a project manager and a project plan in place?
  • Is there a QA process?


Cost advantages are important when you are outsourcing your learning services. But, keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. You need to look at the cost to quality ratio.


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