How to Conduct eLearning Training

Designing Digitally


Developing eLearning training courses isn’t as easy as just deciding on a whim to take your training courses to new heights. A lot of hard work goes into developing eLearning training courses that meet the needs of your organization and give learners information they need to know. Here are some tips for ensuring that the eLearning training course you develop will be a success:

  • Assess your needs. While there can be many different topics that are suitable for eLearning environments, some are not. You should consider the material you need to train people on and in what manner they need to receive that information.
  • Plan the content. The key to any successful eLearning training course is the content. Clear, concise content can help you make the biggest impact on your trainees. You’ll also want to make sure that the course material is relevant to the learner.
  • Design the course for clarity. You want your course to look good, but you also need to make sure that it effectively communicates the content. Focus on solid instructional design and visual communication elements when developing your eLearning training course.
  • Get managers involved. The involvement of managers should be more than just sending a link to employees and telling them when to have the course completed by. Managers should give employees opportunities to demonstrate the things they’ve learned in the course.
  • Offer refresher training.  To keep people from forgetting all that they have learned, offer follow-up eLearning training courses or sessions with refresher content. This will help them retain information.

The key to conducting successful eLearning training lies in being able to tap into the learner’s need for the course content and finding a way to engage them in the content effectively. With these tips for success, you’ll find that your eLearning training courses communicate the content you need to share with trainees in a way that they’ll be responsive to.