How Does Gamification Training Benefit Your Business?

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Serious Games

There is an element of fluidity in the way people learn. People learn differently today than they did a generation ago, which requires an adjustment in methodology.   

Gamification is more than just fun and games and a pleasant distraction from learning. It is learning.

The generation that has grown up with video games and mobile devices is very comfortable learning in this manner. Companies that want to stay relevant in today’s marketplace should provide the most up-to-date training for their employees.

There are a great number of benefits that we have listed below.

Employee engagement

Even serious, previously mundane topics can seem more interesting when gamification is involved. Using the mechanics of games in the context of employee training gets them excited about the process and makes training fun.

Having fun while learning is the best-case scenario for all involved. The students are enjoying themselves and they are taking in the necessary information that will allow them to excel in their work, which is good for the employee and the company.

Real-world connections

Employees are faced with real-life scenarios that require them to make choices and see the consequences of those choices. The situations are the same as those that workers will deal with in their actual jobs, ensuring that they’re well-prepared to handle the challenges they will face.

Raised rate of retention

The equation is fairly simple. The more fun a person is having while they are learning, the more knowledge they will retain. Positive experiences have a favorable effect on memory.

When an employee remembers what they have learned, they are better able to apply that knowledge at the appropriate time and in the right way.


Many people thrive on challenge and competition. These are aspects that are commonly a part of a gamification program. Even friendly, low-or-no-stakes competition can be a motivating factor for the employees who like to compete against others or against themselves.

Gamification also changes the way people feel about training. They make a mental shift from dreading that they have to do something, to looking forward to doing something because they want to do it.

Advantages for business

All of the benefits discussed so far have been focused on the employee and how gamification training positively affects them and their comprehension of the content that is presented. It may seem that not much has been mentioned about the business as a whole and the direct benefit they receive from the use of gamification.

Just the opposite is true. Employees are the business. A company that has people representing it who are ill-prepared and can’t handle the situations that come up during their day-to-day work won’t be successful.  This results in lower productivity and a decrease in profitability.

Employees who are well-prepared are confident in their abilities and have a more positive attitude about the company and their place in it. This is apparent when they are dealing with clients and customers.

A business that takes the steps to make sure their employees are as well-prepared as possible is giving the employees the best chance at success.

At Designing Digitally, Inc., we blend game mechanics with instructional design elements to create an engaging learning experience. As a result, ultimate performance is improved.

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