How to Effectively Promote Your New eLearning Program

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How to Effectively Promote Your New eLearning Program

Ever wonder why popular and thriving brands have millions in marketing costs every year? Kentucky Fried Chicken for example; they make the best fried chicken in town, and they know it. But still they invest million of dollars in aggressive marketing campaigns to continuously increase their customer demographics.

The fact of the matter is your customers need a constant reminder of why they should come and buy from you instead of steering towards your competitors. You need to develop a competitive edge to keep your customers aware of your products and services.

Strategizing key marketing tactics can be a part of your eLearning program. It has become a necessity. ELearning professionals and designers need to promote their programs, enhancing them for a target audience and emphasizing their value to the audience. If you don’t market your eLearning program, you will lose out to your competitors who are marketing their programs.

Engage with your Audience – Understand them Better than you do Yourself

What is the number one rule of marketing? It’s developing  different buyer personas. Well, the same rule of thumb conveniently applies to promoting an eLearning campaign. However, it is important to first analyze your customers, and identify your learner audience.

To do this, you simply need to  think of your learner audience as normal customers. Take the time out to evaluate your customers and design precise and elaborate learner personas. Dive deep into their psyche; what can you do to pique their interest? What are they looking for? What kind of workspace challenges do they have? What kind of solutions are they looking for?

Finding the answers to these critical questions is what is going to increase your knowledge base tremendously, enabling you to curate tailor made email or newsletter messaging campaigns that will reflect the views and perspectives of your target eLearner audience.

The information you gather will help you create highly precise and intuitive eLearning programs that resonate with what your audience seeks and what it desires.

What makes them Tick? Why Not Tease them and Find Out

Aren’t you hyped after watching an action-packed, suspenseful, or thrilling film trailer with your favorite actors? You feel pumped and have to absolutely go to the theater to watch it as soon as it comes out. You too can create this hype by teasing your audience with consistent tweeting, posting, blogging, and messaging to capture the attention of your eLearner audience.

A carefully, masterfully, and innovatively designed teaser of a product can go a long way and is more effective than an email message. Why? Well, that is simply because the teaser allows your audience to find a bit about what is in store for them without going into great detail.

Here is what you can do:

  • Don’t wait for the program to be complete; launch a perceptive and innovative teaser a month before you introduce the program.
  • Refrain from sharing all the details in the teaser. Remember you have to keep them in suspense.
  • Coordinate with your marketing and communications department to come up with an insanely funky trailer of what you are about to offer.
  • Post short blogs, tweets and newsletters about the end product. Remember, be smart about the details you give out.


Bring in the Influencers – You will need all the support you can Get

Nothing is more natural than trusting the word of somebody you are acquainted with,  than to rely on a message posted by a complete stranger. The same applies to this case where you are promoting your eLearner program to a vast majority of people, which hinges on nothing but trust and reliability. This is why it is important to have your message relayed by people of relative influence, opinion leaders, the top brass, managers and executives.

Here is what you should do:

  • Consider authority figures, whose opinions significantly matter within your organization, to spread your message.
  • Build a strong relationship with the opinion makers and influencers in your company and trust them to spread the good word about your program.
  • Talk to your influencers and explain the benefits and relevance of your eLearning program so that they have a good idea of how to spread the word.

Keep these pointers in mind as you create a unique eLearning program for your target audience. Contact us to learn how we can help build eLearning that will be focused around your needs.