How Employees Benefit from M-Learning in Training

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How Employees Benefit from M-Learning inTraining

There is no question that m-learning has become a very rampant and iconic trend in the electronic learning realm. Mobile learning has penetrated the entire e-learning scene, irrespective of the learners’ ages. Today a successful platform for e learning is designed to cater to the mobile learning. Some may argue that all online training, by default, should be mobile friendly. Thawiret is how important and successful the platform has become not just for general learners, but also for the employees of an organization.

Over the past decade, mobile-based learning has become the foundation for businesses as well as personal objectives and purposes. This is primarily because of the facts that mobile platforms are more efficient, they are extremely fast and very convenient to use. Therefore, m learning platforms have become a priority platform for business corporations. With the excessive usage of smartphones, tablets and an innovative assortment of other mobile devices, this type of learning is the reason why we see a boost in corporate mobility in developed economies.

And because employees today prefer to bring their own mobile devices and technologies to work, such as tablets, smartphone, smartwatches, etc., plenty of business organizations have given the green light of BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device – a concept to motivate and streamline the mobility of their workforce.

Ways your Workforce Can Benefit from Mobile Learning in Training

  • Streamlined Portability

Technology and innovation in both personal and corporate spaces has become mobile, using a widely diverse array of wireless electronic products and devices that are integrated with cutting-edge networking functionalities and features. Moreover, the very same mobile devices are also designed to have web-based applications for enhanced collaboration. With portability being the main focus of these smart devices, employees can come to work carrying sleek and lightweight personal computers in the form of tablets instead of actually brining a laptop. A technology-based focus has also eliminated the need to carry heavy briefcases full of papers.
In addition, employees are also free to access important data and company resources to successfully close their online projects or other work-related activities without having to physically retrieve any information or move from one location to another. Your training programs should follow suite with all of the other portable tools, providing a powerful way to help your employees access information just in time through a tablet or other mobile devices.

  • Enhanced Workplace Flexibility

The workforce today is much more mobile than a couple of years ago. And as per statistics forecasted in the year 2016, it was predicted that the number of smartphone users would rise to 4.77 billion in 2017.  Keeping your employees engaged in mobile training will teach them to efficiently and effectively use their devices to complete important tasks while on the go. This tremendously enhances workplace productivity because your managers and their teams can be interconnected 24/7. This boosts employee availability and the completion of important activities and milestones on time.
Tools like m-learning have contributed to many companies introducing flexible work hours for their employees. And further, some businesses are functioning through a completely virtual workplace, without a physical location! While this may never be a reality for your organization, it is fun to think of the opportunities that can arise when you leverage mobile technology.

  • Time Saving

Since mobile training can easily be conducted on the smart devices of your employees, they have the freedom to engage in training from pretty much anywhere in the world. Many employees take their smartphones and tablets with them to lunch or during a break. This is the perfect time for busy employees to complete some m-learning and training. Moreover, as per research, it was identified that small  amounts of data presented as short bursts of information are quickly absorbed into the minds of

Bottom Line

All in all, there is no doubt the m-learning platform has become a powerful part of a majority of business sectors and domains. With automation on the brink of becoming a corporate norm, mobile training has become the way to move forward, shaping your business and introducing newer and more productive ways to work.  

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