How Mobile Learning Solutions Benefit Employee Training Programs

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Whether you're training a new group of employees or you are offering advanced training for current employees, you may be in search of some innovative ways to do so. While you may have a preference for workshops and seminars in-person, understand that not everyone learns best in this manner. You can certainly blend the old with the new, but at least take the time to consider the major benefits of mobile learning solutions.

1. It's how people learn.

When you were in school, you might have learned most of your lessons by reading material off of a chalkboard and noting the important points. However, recent graduates aren't learning in this way. Technology plays a major role in the classroom setting, and plenty of your new employees are probably comfortable learning in this manner. One of the major mobile learning benefits is that these strategies can deliver information in a way that your employees will absorb.

2. You can increase attention.

Mobile learning can also help you to decrease a particular problem encountered when employees are asked to complete virtual training. They may simply click on the play button, let the slides run while they do other tasks and then come back when it's over. The mobile devices might lock if they attempt to use this process. Also, people like to spend time on their phones, so another of the mobile learning benefits is that you can actually get employees to complete the training properly.

3. Employees can train on their own time.

If you have a small staff, then getting everyone together might not be a huge issue. However, if the staff members have different schedules or if you're the owner of a medium or large company, you may need to ask people to come in during their time off for in-person training. Chances are that  not everyone is going to be able to make it. As long as you put in a deadline for the completion of the training, people can complete the activities on their own time. Learning on the go might even make employees less resistant to the training.

4. The speed is increased.

Think back to the last time that you had to complete training modules on a computer. You might have spent a decent amount of time waiting for videos to load or dealt with slow load times on websites. Mobile learning is designed to address and rectify these issues. Opting for mobile learning helps to eliminate this problem, and employees can access content in a fast and efficient manner.  When training takes up less time, you may also find that your employees are more amicable toward it.

5. Phones can go virtually anywhere.

Maybe you have employees who spend two hours commuting on a train each day, or perhaps some of your workers don't get a free moment until they are sitting in bed at night. Instead of having to find time for more commitments or lugging a laptop everywhere that they go, employees can complete the mobile training modules during a time that works well for them.

6. You can connect with all employees.

When your company has only one physical location, you might not even think of this issue. However, try to imagine implementing training for a company with multiple branches in different time zones. Doing so could turn into a major hassle. Mobile training modules eliminate this issue and allow businesses to connect with and inform all of their employees.

7. Your employees have access to mobile devices.

In the past, you might have argued that employees didn't have access to the mobile devices needed to complete mobile training. Today,  the majority of your employees have their own devices. It is important to have mobile devices available for any employees that do not have access to one instead of making them purchase any device for training purposes.

8. You can connect the modules with practical activities.

Envision a meeting where you teach employees a skill and then ask them all to go out into the office and apply that skill. The situation could turn into a mess. Now, envision the same project except employees are carrying around laptops and trying to read directions as to what they should do. This experience is also one that is likely to prove rather fruitless. However, when you use mobile learning modules, you can have employees complete tasks live as they move around with their phones. Tying together instructions and the practical implementations of those instructions provides impactful training.

9. Reducing the costs of training is certainly possible.

When you have in-person training, you may need to bring in an outside entity to teach your employees new skills. Also, if you are asking employees to come in when they don't usually work, you also have to pay them for their time. In addition to these costs, think about the profits that your business is losing while everyone is at the meeting. You certainly don't have to worry at all about the latter issue when you opt for mobile training, and you can cut costs in the other areas as well. Of course, you likely want to pay your employees for the time that they spend on the training.

Mobile training solutions offer many benefits to today's workforce. Contact the team at Designing Digitally to start reaping the benefits at your organization!