How to Revitalize Your Company’s Compliance Training

Designing Digitally


corporate training-designingdigitally

The words “compliance training” don’t exactly conjure shouts of joy from employees.

A more likely reaction is groans, sighs, and maybe even some eye-rolls. While the personality of every company is different, there are some general guidelines to follow that can make the idea of compliance training more exciting and less cringe-worthy.

Corporate training is necessary and the inclusion of eLearning makes it much more palatable for its intended audience. Let’s look at some of the ways to revitalize your company’s compliance training.


Compliance training is the perfect area to add some game elements into your curriculum. The use of leaderboards, badges, and points can quickly turn mundane subject matter into an engaging activity with which your employees will enjoy interacting.

A word of caution is that gamification is only effective when it’s done well. Get some help from someone who has had e-learning gamification experience and design skills.

Allow learners to test out

No matter how many bells and whistles you add to your compliance training, if your employees have gone through it numerous times, they won’t be engaged.

Giving employees the option to show that they have a grasp of the material without having to go through the whole course again avoids wasting their valuable time. If your learners can complete a test or quiz demonstrating they understand the content, allow them to skip it.

Remember, increased productivity is good for your company’s bottom line and can also give your workers a boost.

Make training tasks job-specific

Streamlining your corporate training process will be much more beneficial to your learners. While some of the content is the same across the board, find ways to incorporate activities that are specific for different positions.

For example, a customer service representative will have a different interaction with clients than a sales manager would. Creating learning options that are targeted for different duties will keep employees interested and ensure that they aren’t zoning out on material that isn’t relevant to their job.

Shoot for authenticity

Any type of training is ultimately about changing behaviors. This is best done by providing content that is based on realistic situations. When the material is relatable, learners are more likely to connect with it and comprehend it.

Your compliance training should utilize realistic settings and scenarios. Use real-world examples to model the desired behavior. Make the characters that you use in your e-learning activities look like actual people and give them dialogue that’s true to life, mimicking what an actual conversation between client and employee may sound like.

It’s also advised to introduce some conflict into the scenarios. You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that didn’t have some kinds of disagreements arise occasionally.

The best way to add some excitement to your compliance training activities is to take the material that is normally dry and sometimes downright boring and transform it into valuable content that your learners can be engaged with and will actually learn from.

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