How RSI Is Using eLearning for MFLEAT Training

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How RSI Is Using eLearning for MFLEAT Training

Designing Digitally is proud of all the partnerships we have and the learning solutions we create together. One of the most recent eLearning developments that we produced to help improve employee performance was the “MFLEAT Training Course” designed with Road Systems, Inc. (RSI), and was awarded a 2020 Silver Horizon Interactive Award in the Training/eLearning category. RSI is one of the Nations’ top suppliers of highway safety products and provides various items to the Department of Transportation (DOT) that focus on safety, ease of use, and lower costs.

The Learning Need

Before developing this custom MFLEAT eLearning course, RSI utilized online training to educate learners on their MSKT product line, giving contractors and inspectors the needed information and skills to install, inspect, and maintain the MSKT terminals properly. To build on the MSKT training’s success, RSI wanted to offer follow-up training that taught the benefits and differences of the MFLEAT products to the same target audience. This would allow employees to engage with the information and understand the different elements of the MFLEAT and MSKT lines, reducing confusion and improving the ability to correctly install products and service the DOT in each state effectively.

The Learning Solution

Together, RSI and Designing Digitally, Inc. developed the “MFLEAT Training Course” to teach guardrail installers and inspectors about the MFLEAT guardrail terminal. The custom module takes about 45 minutes to complete, and offers a fully 3D interactive model where the user can rotate, zoom, pan, and expand the 3D version of the terminal. This allows employees to practice skills and examine every part of the terminal down to the bolts. A narrated video guides learners through the installation process with precise details regarding each part’s locations and measurements to enhance the learning. Other learning activities allow employees to test mastery with mini-lessons, such as placing items correctly to show proper application. To conclude the training, learners take an interactive quiz that awards them a certificate of completion upon passing.


With custom eLearning, RSI can deliver training explicitly catered to their needs and goals and improve business performance overall. If you are interested in a project like this for your company, Designing Digitally would love to help. Our team of experts creates custom training that will produce the results you need. For more information on how online training could impact your business, get in touch with our team today.