How You Can Motivate Your Employees to Complete Training Courses

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Life is a continuous learning curve. We're confronted by new challenges almost daily, and the best weapon in dealing with them is knowledge. In a business environment, it is even more important to develop your employees' knowledge base and skill level. Educating your employees will help the business flourish. But, in a world of light-speed technology, one thing lags behind: employee motivation.

How do you motivate your employees to continue learning and developing new skills? How do you convince them to 'go back to school' when most people abhor the idea of school altogether, especially when they are busy with assignments and tasks all day long? We've scoured the internet, talked to the experts, and have come up with a few solutions. Below are the top tips to motivate employees to complete training courses.

Why Just Pure Motivation Doesn't Last

Motivation is a fickle mistress. One day you have it and the next day it's gone. Motivating yourself is one of the hardest things to do, especially when day-to-day life comes knocking. Employee motivation comes with a lot of the same pitfalls. Most employees will shy away from learning new things for three simple reasons:

  • They don't have enough time
  • They don't see the benefits of employee training programs
  • There's a lack of support for continuing education within the company

The first step in surpassing these obstacles is learning more about your employees. What makes them tick? What sort of rewards or incentives motivate them? What type of learning would they be willing to get involved in, and what kind of environment is adequate for such training? Getting direct feedback from your employees will provide the best blueprint for shaping an engaging training program.

How to Motivate your Workforce

Running on motivation alone is like running on fumes. Eventually, you'll run out and the fun stops. To increase participation for employee training programs, you have to complement motivation with a few other key elements. Engaging content, interactive activities, and interdisciplinary projects can help keep your employees' interest in training high.

1. Gaming Keeps Engagement High

The child within each of us loves to play. That child is present whether we're working, relaxing, or watching a movie. It is scientifically proven that kids learn best through play. The same is true of adults. If given the choice, we all would rather play than work. Incorporating employee training through games or virtual reality simulations will keep motivation high and learning fun.

2. Look to eLearning for Flexibility

Traditional learning methods do not work. The thought of having to go to class can make your employees anxious and apprehensive. Instead, look to eLearning platforms for enabling your employees to learn whenever they have the time. Making a conscious decision to study in their own time and at their own pace is far more valuable than just getting through the courses.

3. Customize Incentives and Offer Career Advancements

Employee motivation can sometimes depend on incentives. Why would they want to change something that works if they don't see a problem with the current process? Help your employees see the value of training. Explain why continual training is important in growing company culture, morale, and satisfaction. Show them what doesn't work and how learning new techniques will improve their productivity.

Incentives can also come in the form of monetary reward. Although this tactic is rather short-lived, it can get the ball rolling. The long-term and more important incentive can be career advancement. But, make sure this is not the only reason why your employees engage in the training.

4. Face the Fear of Failure

Change can be scary, and your employees might see an employee training program as a precursor to failing. Talk to your employees and make sure they understand the high value you and your business puts on filling in skill and knowledge gaps. Lead a relaxed, interactive discussion about your expectations and theirs as well. Pay attention to the details. Some employees might say yes to employee training just because they're going with the flow. Insist on transparency and honesty regarding any fears they might have concerning the training.

5. Keep Energy High With the Right Brain Food

This might sound a little bizarre, but that doesn't make it any less valid. Offering an energizing, healthy breakfast before starting training (if you go with traditional attendance), can provide the right amount of employee motivation. As the saying goes 'a healthy mind in a healthy body.' Setting up a nutritious, protein-filled breakfast will get those foggy morning brains working full-speed.


These five tips for employee motivation are by no means exhaustive. There is definitely more to learn about this subject. You can access a plethora of information and read real-life case studies through our website. If you have specific questions, you are always welcome to contact us directly. Happy training!