How Your Employee Training Programs and Company Culture are Connected

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Employee Training

Company culture reflects the behavior, values, and environment of an organization. An organization’s culture determines how things operate there. It is made up of the life experiences of all its employees. Organizations with high-impact learning cultures perform very well in the competitive market. A report from Bersin and Associates reported that organizations with a good learning culture are 32% more likely to be the first to market and 17% more likely to be a market leader. Their employees, too, have 37% higher productivity.

Your organization’s culture plays a huge role in building employee satisfaction and encouraging the success of the business. Here is how:

Employee motivation

A positive work culture makes sure that your people come to work and give their best in terms of productivity. The modern workforce has various options to pick from. They may even leave you if they feel that a competitor has a better work culture. Monetary benefits are not the sole deciding factor for them to stay on. Your organization needs to have a clear vision regarding where they want to go and communicate it to its workforce.

Employee engagement

Your workplace engagement is determined by your work culture. In a negative work culture, your employees may simply consider the job a paycheck. This usually leads to apathy. But if the work culture is engaging then the employees find incentives even in boring jobs. Show your people that you really care for their well-being. Allow them to be heard. Listen to their ideas and opinions and implement them.

Employee morale

Low employee morale results in increased employee turnover. It creates a dysfunctional work culture that hinders collaboration. To ensure that employee morale is high, your organization should embrace transparency and inclusiveness. Inform your employees about significant developments and take their opinions into consideration when making major decisions. This approach assures employees that they matter.

Employee churn

One reason why employees leave is because they lack opportunities for career development in the company. When they see that their job has no growth prospects, they look out for better prospects. If you invest in your employees’ development and provide them opportunities to upskill, they feel valued. Equip them with the required training and mentoring. Give them exposure to more challenging roles.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your training culture is connected to the company culture.

  • Make sure you are aware of the company brand and value, then position your learning content accordingly. You may choose to develop the content in-house. In case you do not have the expertise, you must provide source materials and relevant guidance to the vendor. Do not expect that the external vendor will automatically know your brand and what it stands for.
  • It is not enough to have a strong new hire onboarding program. First impressions may be really important, but you need a robust ongoing training strategy in place to ensure that your employees are happy and competitive.  
  • Identify the cultural trait that is required to achieve your organization’s strategy. Then use existing stories to create training content that will link the trait to the strategy.

Each organization has its own culture. Successful companies are those that do not leave their culture to luck. They actively build it to shape their goals and strategy. They instill passion in their people and provide ample opportunities for their employees to build their skills to enhance their career.

A robust learning program has great power. It helps employees understand how they can create success. A learning culture supports market adaptation, innovation, and boosts employee engagement. You must identify the cultural traits of your company and connect it to the vision, mission, and values. Your training programs must reflect your brand and values. It starts from the onboarding training of a new hire and continues throughout their tenure in the company.

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