The Importance of Learner Engagement in Online Training and How it Benefits Your Company

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Importance of learner engagement

Employee learners, like most online learners, need to utilize a combination of intellectual, emotional, behavioral, and social engagement types to get the full benefits of online training courses. If you manage to achieve this balance, your course will be a hit and your employees will be wiser and more capable than when they first started the course.

True learner engagement in online training can lead to a plethora of benefits for both the company and its employees. These benefits are interconnected, therefore employees who participate and excel in eLearning training typically have higher job satisfaction in their roles. And, their employers gain a more dedicated worker. The same mutually beneficial outcome can result when the company invests in its learning and development culture. Let's explore the benefits of engaged learners and how engagement impacts the workplace.

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Learner Engagement Benefits

Incorporating eLearning into your company comes with a variety of rewards. These benefits often fall into two categories: benefits for learners/employees and benefits for the workplace/company.

1. Engaged Learners

Higher learner engagement translates into better success rates, higher knowledge retention, and advanced performance. This is why it's important to have a learner-centered mindset when designing and developing your employee training course.

To engage employees and inspire them to learn, persevere, and succeed, your course content needs to be interesting and fun. You'll need to assess the learner’s needs, goals, expectations, technical proficiencies, and learning styles. This planning and surveying phase sets the stage for higher knowledge retention since the content, user interface, and outcomes are engaging.

Emotionally charged content also contributes to engagement. A course that manages to engage learners emotionally will also captivate them on a mental and behavioral level. What learners think about the course and the way they act when learning plays an important role in the overall success of the course. Plus, it directly impacts course completion rates.

Learner performance is directly proportional to employee involvement with the course. Learners who are engaged and invested in their learning are also more likely to experience an enriching learning curve and faster career advancement. An employee who focuses on personal and professional growth happily contributes to the overall growth of the company.

2. Engaging Workplace

Learning Culture Development

The relationship between engaged employees and an engaging workplace is symbiotic. The more employees are engaged with the course content, the more engaged they become with their work. The more engaged an employee is with their work, the more they will contribute to shaping an engaging workplace. The phenomenon that arises is that of encouragement towards learning. Employees who are engaged and excited about what they are learning will pass on information, help others with solving work or life-related issues, and encourage coworkers to get more involved with learning.

Thus, a workplace culture that promotes learning and facilitates skill and knowledge acquisition is an environment in which everyone can thrive.

Conversation and Collaboration

Social learning is a great catalyst for starting online conversations about what employees are learning. Employees who communicate and collaborate during training are more likely to work well with teams once training is complete. Additionally, people who can communicate and collaborate efficiently are more likely to work well together.

Creative Workplace Development

At a cognitive level, engaged learners get creative with their learning process. This creative approach leads to improved work performance. Learner engagement in eLearning, paired with excitement and creativity, can significantly contribute to growth and development for your company.

Higher Work Satisfaction and Efficiency

At its core, an employee training program is designed to promote higher performance and develop problem-solving skills. When learners are engaged, they are more likely to deeply involve themselves with the training course, stay focused on successfully completing the course, and achieve greater satisfaction by applying their new skills to their jobs. Plus, when you love your job, there is no reason to leave, and you feel more involved in helping the business flourish.

Personal Development Boom

More than half of the global workforce is comprised of millennials. This generation thrives on workplace learning, as well as Social and Emotional engagement. These employees are more likely to contribute to the growth of the company when given the opportunity for continuous learning. Millennials are driven by self-development, and if encouraged, will bring that love of learning into your organization.

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Empowered Learning Experiences

In his book, The Buddha's Brain, Rick Hanson talks about how concepts that flow through your mind can restructure your brain. The same is true when learners experience all 6 levels of engagement (Cognitive, Emotional, Behavioral, Social, Physical, Cultural). Providing your employee-learners with engaging content has the potential to change their outlook and perspective on learning, knowledge sharing, and skill-building.

Ideally, employee learners will develop a desire for better learning objectives. They will show increased productivity and enthusiasm towards their work. This change in how they approach their own learning will improve satisfaction upon completing assignments, quizzes, and peer reviews. The result is happier employees who are more prone to sharing their learning experience with others and contributing to the greater good of the company.

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