Improve Employee Training with Gamification

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Training employees can be tedious – whether new hires or tenured employees. Employees may find certain topics to be of more interest than others. But training cannot be avoided. All organizations have some routine information that needs to be imparted to their employees such as compliance training. If the training process is ineffective, then the training can result in a complete waste of time and money for the company. You may be successful in coaxing employees to enroll in the training, but they won’t take anything significant away from it. One way to liven up uninteresting training topics is to gamify them. Just the addition of game elements will result in increased interest, engagement and learning.

The goal of introducing gamification at the workplace is to enhance productivity. Enhanced productivity leads to greater profits for the organization.  Game elements make the task at hand look exciting and motivating. If you are successful at infusing gaming elements into the work routine of your employees, then you will experience a boost in motivation and productivity.

Here are the top four ways in which you can improve employee training with the help of gamification.

#1: Interactivity

If it’s boring, then your employees will not sit through the training with rapt attention. You have to figure out a way to make the training interactive. Gamification is a way to turn page turner training into a two-way interaction that will hold the attention of the audience. If your learners find it fun and relevant, they will invest time and effort into it. If they like it, they will learn and retain better. This is bound to be reflected in the workplace through higher productivity results.

#2: Motivators

Gamification focuses on the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators of your employees. It is not just about competition. Not all your employees will be fiercely competitive. Leaderboards and points may not be alluring. The factors that make them tick will be the motivators. Once your employees are motivated, they will take the training at will.  As a result, there is no more chasing them for completing their training hours.

#3: Scale

If you do it right, then your training platform will grow in scale. It will monitor results and measure the business impact of the gamified training. Do not make it a one-off initiative. Chalk out a long-term strategy where your employees remain motivated and believe in continuous learning. Weave gamification into the core of your training strategy.

#4: Partnership

Gamification is best taken care of by designers who are aware of the nuances of developing gamified training. You must partner with a vendor who can gauge what motivates your employees and develop strategies to incorporate this type of motivation into the training. Your partner must have the relevant technology to help you deliver the actual gamified solution.

At Designing Digitally, Inc., we understand the concerns of your employees. It may not be possible for them to learn and practice new skills for the fear of causing irreparable damage. But with our gamified learning solutions, they can make mistakes and learn from them, without any real-world risks. We conduct a thorough needs analysis to determine the specific needs of your company, and then we design a training program to meet these needs.  Our proven track record assists companies with engaging and retaining employees, increasing productivity, and producing a positive impact on the bottom line.

Ready to learn more about how the gamification of training can engage your employees? Get in touch with our experts to discuss custom gamified learning solutions.