Just-in-Time Learning for the Workplace

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Just-in-Time Learning for the Workplace

eLearning is an unavoidable phenomenon today. From DIY to university certified courses, the sky’s the limit when it comes to learning opportunities. The trick is to create a lifestyle that is conducive to life-long learning. When it comes to company culture, your employees might not all be on the same page. So, how do you encourage a culture of learning and self-improvement in a workplace environment?

The answer might not be readily obvious since there is a myriad of eLearning options. Still, using Just-in-Time (JIT) Learning in employee training might just do the trick. Now, what exactly is Just-in-Time Learning? Read on to find out!

What Is JIT Learning?

The benefits of just-in-time learning are manifold. If you need to recreate your grandma’s cheesecake recipe, you pick up the phone and ask her. If you want to know how to install an operating system on your laptop, that tech-savvy friend is right next door. Thus, the concept of JIT learning existed way before the internet. It’s about getting the right information, at the right time, and in the right format.

Many companies today are using eLearning platforms to reinvent themselves. VR, AR, MOOCs, and microlearning are all efficient immersive learning applications. JIT Learning is different from these in many ways because it is:

  • Less invasive

  • Less time consuming and time-constrained

  • Easy to access from handheld devices

  • Available anytime, anywhere

  • Doesn’t require employees to leave their desk

  • Offers bite-sized information modules

Just-in-Time Learning Benefits

Higher Employee Productivity

Let’s face it: an increase in employee productivity results in an increased bottom line. An employee who actively seeks to improve their knowledge and skills is a keeper. As they grow so will your company. This is where just-in-time learning comes in!

JIT Learning is a mix of small, easily digestible bits of information that are convenient, can be applied instantly, and lead to high retention. All these elements combined help your employees quickly problem-solve any work-related issue. The learning modules can be super specific, so as to provide the highest applicability for increasing job performance.


As mentioned, just-in-time learning is conducive to fast learning. This happens because the information is delivered in chunks and the skills and knowledge acquired can be applied straightaway. Learning-by-doing at its best!

Instant Access to Relevant Info

The epitome of job efficiency is fast problem-solving. For this to happen, employees with gaps in knowledge need the relevant info. Since just-in-time learning can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from a mobile device…well, problem-solved (pun intended)!

Make sure your JIT Learning courses are available across multiple platforms, are structured to your employees’ needs, and are responsive. It’s important to have the right system in place through which your employees can interact with the course material. As such, finding the right fit for your business is crucial. 

Promotes Engagement

Including a social learning element in your learning module can boost all other benefits of JIT. People are social creatures and most of us enjoy exchanging information, especially in a work environment. Employees can use an in-app chat feature, discussion groups, or Q&A sections to deepen their knowledge.

Enhances Retention

Compared to traditional in-class courses or lengthy online tutorials, just-in-time learning enables higher knowledge retention. Employees access information when they need it and receive the exact bit that helps them solve a specific issue. They apply the newly learned skill/knowledge in their work right away. And, they internalize the knowledge long-term.

Implementing Just-in-Time Learning

Whoever said ‘Location, location, location!’, had no idea how far-reaching their statement would become. In this technology-engulfed era, the ‘location’ refers to the application, web platform, device, etc. Being specific about your business goals as well as employee needs will unveil which ‘location’ your company should use.

When implementing just-in-time training, the right time (during work hours), the right place, and the right information (job-specific bite-size knowledge) are all equally important. So, make sure you’re up to date with the latest news about Just-in-time Learning. When in doubt, feel free to reach out! We’re happy to provide our expertise on all things eLearning related.