Knowing When to Update Your Current Online Training

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E-learning is becoming a mainstream way to train your employees. Nearly 42% of the global Fortune 500 companies use online training in some way or another because of the convenience and benefits it offers. But does that mean that they do not need to change with times? Absolutely not!

No matter how long you spent creating a piece of E-learning, you cannot use it forever. It does have a shelf life. You need to keep abreast of the technology changes, best practices, and various other factors. You should be willing to go back to the drawing board with your existing course and revamp it to keep it fresh and relevant. The trick is to understand, exactly, when the makeover is required.

Here are six instances when you should think about updating your E-learning.

#1: When your learners lack interest

Your learners are the best judge of your corporate learning. You can derive meaningful data from the way your employees react to your E-learning modules. If they are not too enthusiastic about the courses you dish out, then there may be design issues with your online learning modules. You need to take a fresh look at the existing modules. You need to make sure that the training is engaging. The images, audio, video, and interactions should connect with your target audience. The content should be relevant. No one likes to spend time on a page-turner. It is up to you to provide inspiration to your learners, and they are sure to carry forward from there.

#2: When the industry standards change

Change is inevitable. There can be major changes in government policies, industry regulations, the competition’s strategy, and so on. You should check the content in existing training programs to see if it is impacted by any fluctuations. If there have been significant changes, then you must review the existing content and update it. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. If you are in a technical segment, you might need to update your course content quite frequently.

#3: When the assessment results don’t change

The aim of an E-learning course is to bring about a meaningful change in your learners. A good way to gauge this is via assessments. The pre-assessment and the final assessment results cannot remain the same. Learners must show signs of progress, or else the course is not too effective and you should think of refreshing it. If you have a robust Learning Management System, then it can run reports on the pain points of your course. If you see most of the learners are finding a specific topic to be challenging, you might consider redesigning it. Similarly, if you see that a certain topic is too easy for the learners, you may need to spruce it up a little.

#4: When your business is growing

When your business grows, it changes the way you operate. For example, when your business is small, your new-hire onboarding program can be simple. The new employees should be able to have an overview of what the business is and how their role adds value. But when your business is growing, you need to define your policies, procedures, and roles adequately. The induction program should be strong enough for the new hires to hit the road running.

#5: When the employees are unable to apply the knowledge to practice

Finishing a course is not enough. If you want a good return on your investment, you need to see some results in terms of your employees applying their knowledge to the workplace. Your employees must be able to use the concepts that they learned and resolve challenges in their real-life work setup. If you feel that your existing courses do not have enough hands-on exercises for the learners to practice, you may want to add interactions and scenarios.

#6: When the learners are not actively involved

It is important to make every single learner feel like a part of the larger group. They should be actively involved in the online learning. The course should not be a one-way form of communication. You should include interactions, scenarios, deliberate questions, activities, and so on, in order to keep the learners involved. Your learners should be motivated and inspired to participate in the learning.

If you see these signs in your online learning, then it may be time to revise and update the modules. You wouldn’t want your employees to waste their time and effort on outdated E-Learning.

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