Mlearning and Corporate Training: Are You Ready for It?

Designing Digitally


Gone are the days when training meant sitting inside a classroom and listening to the instructor with rapt attention. Mobile learning or Mlearning is definitely the future of learning. An increasing number of students are depending on their mobile handsets for learning.

It is important to understand how mobile devices are different from traditional computers. For one, they are smaller and lighter. As a result, users carry them wherever they travel. Since they are always available at hand, they provide a higher level of engagement and have the power to connect people. Mobile learning benefits from that accessibility. Here are some benefits that show how to improve revenue and boost productivity with the help of mobile learning.

Mlearning has the power to distribute learning and connect all employees, fast. Face-to-face training involves complex logistics and investment on infrastructure. Mlearning, on the other hand, is not restricted by the location of the learners. There is no need for the learner to be present physically to receive training. It shrinks distances and connects the employees with its social element.

Mlearning provides data on demand. Mobile devices are always connected. Employees have the option of accessing important data anytime they wish to. Information like price details, specs, and other relevant information are available just at the time of need. This leads to enhanced skill and knowledge and boosts employee performance to a great extent.

Mlearning is a huge time-saver. This mode of learning takes far less time compared to instructor-led training. The learners can even save on the time taken to travel to the venue. Employees who have travel a lot on business cannot afford to spend time on face-to-face training. But they cannot overlook the need for improving their skills. The most effective corporate training solution for them is Mlearning.

Creating a successful mobile learning strategy

Here are some tips on creating a good Mlearning strategy.

  • Before embarking on the Mlearning journey, it is important to analyze the audience. What do they already know about Mlearning? Are they willing to learn on their mobile devices? How much time can they devote? Surveys and focus groups are effective tools to cull out this information.
  • The existing learning cannot be directly imported into a mobile course. It has to be repurposed in order to fit in seamlessly. Learners will access the learning on the go. So it has to have simple yet effective design. Content needs to be chunked and presented in small portions.
  • All learners have limited attention spans, more so mobile learners. This content has to be powerful and relevant. It needs to be attention grabbing.
  • Security is essential. The mobile training platform needs to be encrypted. Anti-hacking security measures need to be in place.
  • SCORM compliant mobile learning should be used so that it is easy to track learner activity and determine  what is working and what is not.
  • Not all people are open to mobile learning. Employees who prefer traditional learning should be allowed to do so. Instead of being forced into adopting mobile learning, employees need to ease into it.

Constant and timely access to important information can be possible only with Mlearning. This leads to enhanced productivity and a boost in the overall revenue. If you have not adopted Mlearning for your organization, it’s about time that you do.

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