Mobile Games: The Next Big Thing for Adult Learners?

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Mobile GamesThe Next Big Thing for Adult Learners

As the wheels of technology keep nudging us further into the future, the face of companies continues to adjust in order to stay relevant to the learners of today.

Mobile games is one of the fastest growing industries. Savvy entrepreneurs are inserting mobile games into the thriving genre of mobile learning, or mlearning. 

It’s a match made in elearning heaven.  

Companies are recognizing that the more learning is integrated into the everyday life of the learner, the better. Certain factors make mobile games and mlearning a natural elearning fit.

Most people in the western world own at least one mobile device, with many having access to several. 

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile technologies are one of the primary forms of communication for a majority of the population, be it text messaging, email, or other social applications.

The constant use of communication brings with it a level of familiarity that lends itself to a crossover into the mlearning market. 

The members of today’s workforce are  fluent in mobile gaming, and companies are picking up on this. They understand for education to be effective, it must hold the learner’s attention and be consistent with the changing times.

Today’s Adult Learners

Adult learners have grown up in a time inundated with technological advancements. They are familiar with graphics and receiving immediate feedback. Adult learners are  already in a position to benefit the most from a mobile game learning experience.

While familiarity with online games makes elearning a logical choice for present-day learners; however, that’s not the case with every worker/learner.

There is more of a barrier for older generations, many of whom have the added burden of learning the technology before they  master the actual mlearning activity. 

One way to bridge the gap, is to include optional links within the games that contain additional resources and instructions.  A second way is to incorporate reverse mentoring by having younger generations in the workforce assist older workers struggling with learning new technology.

In the long-term, designers are working on solutions for this issue, such as a simpler user interface. 

Availability and Adaptability

One of the greatest benefits of elearning and mobile learning games is the opportunity to access them, virtually anytime and anywhere. 

Companies are capitalizing on the fact that contemporary learners are busier than ever. By creating a system whereby mlearning lessons can be accessed freely, the result is a more engaged learner.

The adaptability and personalization of mlearning games ensure that much less time is wasted on skills the learner has already mastered.

Streamlining the learning process in as many ways as possible raises the chances that the material presented will be comprehended and utilized by the learner. 

Employee Demand is the Future of Mobile Gaming & Learning

Countless possibilities exist for the future of elearning in general, and specifically for mobile learning games. 

Making learning flow seamlessly into the everyday life of the employee is a new, but wise track to follow. Doing so will help organizations remain relevant in the current market by having a highly engaged and well trained workforce.

The combination of the role of society, the background of adult learners, and the benefits of elearning will advance the way corporations train and prepare their employees.

Companies are poised to provide assistance to businesses seeking to  incorporate  mobile learning games as a new step towards effectively training adult learners. If you need assistance in developing out a mobile learning game, contact us today!