Mobile Learning and Corporate Training: Designing with the Learners in Mind

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Mobile Learning and Corporate TrainingDesigning with theLearnersinMind

Here are some statistics to ponder.

  • There are more than 2 billion mobile web users in the world.
  • 20% of mobile web users in the US never use a desktop computer.
  • By 2017, 4.4 billion users will be using mobile apps to get most of their work done, including taking care of their learning needs.

Now, can you ignore mobile learning?

The millennial workforce is inseparable from their smartphone. They use it to surf the web, find data online, learn, upskill, and keep themselves entertained. This creates vast opportunities for mobile learning solutions. But in order to benefit from the trend, you need to be aware of learner preferences and habits, then design content keeping them in mind.

Here are four pointers to take into account before you start creating your mobile learning solution.

#1: Mobile learners like short bursts of training.

Although they are connected all the time, mobile users like short bursts of activity. They do not like to spend a long time on any one thing. They use it during their break, while eating their meals, or even in the restroom! They have access to content all the time.

This is a huge opportunity for learning designers to tap into. Sure, the learners will have distractions from the external environment, but the engagement opportunities are huge. You need to focus on bite-sized learning, videos, and podcasts. Today’s modern learners are self-directed. They like to multitask and learn in short time slots instead of spending hours doing the same thing.

#2: Mobile learners prefer using different devices.

A common behavior of mobile learners is that they are not happy with a single device. They keep switching from one to another. For example, they may start an activity on the laptop, then transition to a tablet midway. But, they do not want to discontinue the user experience. They want the content to adapt to the screen of the device they are using. That is why responsive design is critical in mobile learning. You need to understand how learners access training on different platforms and design modules accordingly.

#3: Mobile learners are impatient.

Speed is of the essence. Mobile learners do not have patience or time to wait for pages and images to load forever. If your screen takes more than ten seconds to load, you may have lost your audience there. You need to optimize your content. Avoid irrelevant images and heavy media files. Do not use fancy interactions. Design text light screens. If possible, make your corporate training content compatible for portable offline viewing.

#4: Mobile learners are interested in key takeaways.

You may wish to include a plethora of information for the learners, in case they need to know more. But it is not feasible for a mobile learning solution. You must keep in mind that your learners are learning on-the-go. Include only information that fulfills the learning objective. Take out the ‘nice to know’ content. Keep only the essential material.

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