Mobile Learning and Corporate Training: A Perfect Match

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Technology is rapidly changing and organizations not adapting to these changes are falling behind. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are replacing bulky desktops as the primary means of engaging in corporate training activities. Today’s workers are comfortable with technology and they are much more likely to engage in their own learning, when they can access it via a mobile device.

Reasons to go mobile

Here’s why using mlearning for corporate training is a great idea:

  • The flexibility can’t be beaten. Mobile learning makes corporate training available at any time and at any place. With smartphones, tablets, and laptops, training can go wherever the employee goes. People are busier than ever and mobile learning makes good use of times that used to just be wasted, such as downtimes and time spent waiting.
  • Mlearning is “just in time.” People are able to be more productive when they can use their mobile devices for training. These portable devices are perfect for pulling up information right when it’s needed. If an employee is working on making a sale and the potential customer has a question, they can easily access the information right when it’s needed.  It’s a far cry from the days when an answered question required waiting for the salesperson to call you with an answer or to email you when he got back to the office.
  • The Millennials are coming. The workplace is increasingly becoming filled with the Millennial generation. They have been raised on technology and they prefer it over other methods of communication. The ability to access corporate training materials on mobile devices is totally natural to them and often expected.
  • Mobile is green. People are becoming more conscious of the ways that they can reduce their carbon footprint. There are two big ways that mobile learning is good for the environment. It greatly reduces the use of paper and it reduces emissions because learners don’t have to travel to attend training sessions.Mobile learning is fun. Many of the people in the workforce today, especially those joining it in the near future, are totally comfortable with technology and have spent time playing video games. Corporate training on a mobile device will have game-like qualities to engage the learner and hold their attention. Being captivated by the content will make the learning experience much deeper.
  • It encourages collaborative learning and cooperation. Employees can communicate and share information via their mobile devices, creating an online community. Learners can support each other throughout the course and build working relationships that will extend beyond its completion.

m learning is flourishing and businesses are reaping the benefits of utilizing it for corporate training. The workplace is changing as a younger generation joins the ranks. They’re already tech-savvy and come into a job expecting that up-to-date technology. But the benefits aren’t just for the Millennials. Everyone wins when they can access their training materials anywhere, at any time.

Designing Digitally, Inc. can assist with your mobile training needs across all devices and platforms. Call them today to learn how your organization can have a customized training program that will engage employees, increase productivity and have a positive impact on the bottom line.