Mobile Learning is a Smart Company Investment

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MobileLearning is a Smart Company Investment

Learning in the 21st century cannot be confined to any particular location or time. Organizations need to  adapt to these changes and learn how to operate across new and changing learning spaces. As a result, mobile learning or m-learning is growing rapidly in organizations of several industries.       

Employees, as a general rule, forget a major chunk of what was learned within the first 30 days of training. So, how can you expect them to apply the concepts at work and bring about a behavioral change? The only way to offset the ‘forgetting curve’ is to create training as a continuum. Customized mobile learning solution is a good way to do this.

If you have not yet harnessed the power of m learning, now may be the right time to join the bandwagon. Here are five benefits to convince you about the power of mobile learning solutions.

1: It allows for distribution of learning at a fast pace.

Employees tend to be on the move in today’s workforce. They might not have access to laptops or desktops. Attending physical training may prove to be difficult and inconvenient. Mobile learning solutions are ideal to address this challenge. It is a boon for organizations that belong to an ever-changing sector. M-learning is the best way to distribute learning at a rapid pace to keep up with the changes in the industry.

2: It provides data at the point-of-need.

Employees in today’s workforce are always connected to their mobile devices. They have easy access to information at the time of need. This makes the devices perfect to deliver just-in-time (JIT) learning. Being able to access relevant information when they need it the most will lead to enhanced skills that will boost employee performance. 

3: It saves a lot of time.

M-learning can be squeezed in, no matter how busy an employee’s schedule is since it takes much less time than formal instructor-led ones. Employees need not take an entire course at one setting. They can pick and choose the information that they feel will add value to their performance. They can learn any time they wish to when they have downtime at work. For example, if they are waiting for a client and have some time at hand, they can go through a module until the client arrives. 

4: It leads to higher completion rates.

Mobile learning experiences are immersive and keep the learners engaged. It is collaborative and encourages the learners to engage with their peers and share their learning experiences. As a result, the retention and course completion rates are high.

5: It offers better return-on-investment.

Traditional classroom training typically costs more than m-learning. It involves the cost of traveling, accommodation, hiring instructors, hand-outs, and so on. But, the investment for mobile learning solutions is less, in the long run. Also, employee productivity is increased. With better engagement and retention, employees are able to upskill themselves faster, which reflects on their productivity, and simultaneously in the revenue of the organization. Overall, it is a win-win situation.

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