Mobile Training in the Restaurant Industry

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Mobile Training in the Restaurant Industry

Elearning has taken over the training industry as never before. Most organizations have realized the benefit of online learning and have included it in their training strategy. Mobile learning or mlearning is just an expansion of online learning. Additionally, the millennials are gradually replacing the older workforce. So, if you want to train them effectively, it is important that you deliver engaging content via digital platforms as they mostly prefer to learn on-the-go. They do not like to be tied down to a particular physical venue or machine.

With mlearning, your employees can learn from anywhere and at any time. They do not need to take time out of their regular schedule just to attend training. Mobile learning modules are usually micro in nature. So, they do not take up much time at one go. Your employees can choose modules based on their learning needs. They no longer have to go through long modules just to find their topic of interest. This puts them in the driver’s seat. When the learner has control over their learning, they are invested in their learning journey. These are just a few advantages of mobile training.

Why is mobile learning suitable for the restaurant business?

The restaurant industry is known for its high staff turnover, which has a negative impact on the guest experience. The costs of hiring and training employees are high. If you have to keep rehiring and retraining staff, then it erodes the bottom line. And, we are not even taking the loss of productivity into account. The high turnover may not have an instant solution, but there are ways in which restaurants can reduce the cost and impact of replacing their staff. One of them is to switch from traditional training methods to mobile training.

Restaurants often use printed materials for onboarding and training. But the modern workforce cannot identify with this old-fashioned method. They are accustomed to digital media. They tend to block out anything that reminds them of studying. Even traditional desktop eLearning is a misfit to them since they have to perform in a fast-paced environment. They do not like to be tied to a physical machine to complete their training. There is a chance that they may quit because their training needs are not fulfilled. So, the faster you embrace modern learning technologies, the better for business.

Here are some ways in which mobile learning benefits the restaurant sector.

  • The training imparted is consistent. The same content is available to all the employees across locations.
  • Suppose an employee gets stuck midway through a process or forgets about a particular recipe, he or she can pull up content on demand and move ahead with the job at hand. This way employees have the scope of applying what they learn, which in turn results in better knowledge retention.
  • Mobile learning reduces the overall training cost. You do not have to invest in travel, accommodation, training venue, and stationery. There is just an initial investment for the mlearning solution. The more employees take the training, the faster you recover the expense.
  • Mobile learning solutions allow learners to collaborate and share their knowledge and opinions. This goes a long way to create strong relationships between the staff and the management that in turn leads to greater productivity.
  • Mobile learning is popular amongst restaurant employees because it allows them to learn within their working environment. They learn faster since the content is engaging. Mobile content can be accessed on-demand to boost their performance.

At Designing Digitally, Inc. we create unique mobile learning that is customized for your training objectives. By utilizing innovative instructional design and the latest technology advancements, we create cutting-edge learning that keeps your employees engaged. We understand that each organization has unique training needs that require unique training solutions.

To see how a mobile training approach can impact your organization, get a free quote from our experienced team today.

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