Online Compliance Training and How Your Company Can Benefit From It

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Online Compliance Training

Not too long ago companies had compliance officers who instructed new hires on the ins and outs of company policies. Today, that job role is nearly obsolete, as a new term is infiltrating the business world: online compliance training. What exactly is compliance training and why is the online version better?

What is Compliance Training?

Compliance training refers to teaching new employees about company policies, safety regulations, and internal/external laws. Employee compliance training is a process at the end of which employees should be familiar with the aforementioned company norms. Organizations that need to implement compliance training usually do so with certain desired outcomes in mind:

  • Avoiding legal liability caused by employee compliance violations

  • Establishing a friendly and polite workplace

  • Creating a safety net in case employees fail to abide by the rules

  • Increasing the value of the business

  • Adding a competitive edge

In most cases, an organization will have a Code of Conduct that includes all compliance rules and regulations. This Code of Conduct instructs employees on what to do in case of harassment, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, etc. Following these norms assures that employees do their job well and the company is free of liability complaints.

The Benefits of Online Compliance Training

Since the majority of companies are leaning towards online compliance training, let's explore why that is!

1. Easier Onboarding Process

Computer-based compliance training makes it easier for employees to learn about the dos and don'ts of your organization. It also takes out the risks usually involved in the steep learning curve of starting a new position. If done well, online compliance training can immerse the learner in the training experience by providing interesting, real-world scenarios that require compliance knowledge and active problem-solving skills.

2. Higher Rate of Success

Due to the immersive and interactive nature of online compliance training, employees will be more likely to remember, recall, and abide by your company's rules and regulations. This is because compliance training eLearning courses usually involve simulations, game-based learning, and branching.

The rate of success can increase if a Learning Management System is set in place. This system will help you track employee and training course performance. It allows you to catch bugs and mistakes early on in the training process and lets you quickly make the needed adjustments.

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3. High Customization, Low Maintenance

Hiring an online compliance training developer translates to high customization and low maintenance. This means that your developer will be an expert in drafting the compliance training course that molds to your internal rules and regulations. They may also have extensive knowledge of country/state-specific compliance norms.

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4. Easy Access, Easy Retraining

The beauty of mixing compliance training and eLearning is the resulting content delivery flexibility. Employees can access the training from their own device, at their own pace, and are not constrained by location. New hires can quickly learn all there is to know about proper policy compliance while existing staff can take a refresher course whenever needed.

5. Wide-Net Training

We've mentioned that online training can be accessed from anywhere in the world. When it comes to compliance training, you can rest assured that employees from all over the world can complete the same training, whether synchronously or asynchronously. This means that you can develop a training course that will reach all the employees in your company regardless of their location.

6. Engaging Content

A professional e-course developer will know how to make your online compliance training engaging and interesting to your employees. They will take into consideration both business and employee learning goals and create a fun and motivating learning experience. A customized compliance training platform can personalize the employee experience based on the type of job they have. Delivering relevant content will help employees stay motivated and interested in learning.

Case Study

To give you a solid example of how beneficial online compliance training can be, consider the following case study.

CareSource General Compliance Training

There are a myriad of rules and regulations pertaining to the healthcare industry. Healthcare employees are often required to take annual refresher courses to make sure they are still following the right norms. Or, to make sure they are aware of any changes in the compliance rules of the industry.

CareSource hired Designing Digitally to create an interactive, scenario-based compliance training course. Using Storyline, Designing Digitally created a compliance course that includes activities on each training level. The learner needs to unlock and complete each level successfully to move on to the next level.

The learning levels are visually packaged as a building, exploring the different sections of the company's code of conduct and general healthcare regulations on each building floor. The learner engages in conversation with an employee that explains the rules and the reasons they are set in place. The learner can also ask follow-up questions and ask for advice. Devised as branching scenarios, each level allows a personalized learning experience based on employee learning needs. Once the levels are successfully unlocked, the learner will reach the Compliance Office, which is the ultimate goal of the training.


Online compliance training allows you to redefine how employees learn and engage with your company's rules and regulations. Employees will be more motivated to learn your Code of Conduct if the training is fun, interesting, and provides learning path personalization. Learn more about web-based compliance training on our blog and get in touch if you're ready to take your compliance training to the next level.